Making a Pink Witches Hat Inspired by The Love Witch

It’s officially October which means I get to dress up in all my Halloween inspired outfits. As much as I love all things Halloween, I do still love pastel colours, cuteness and all things aggressively floral. To celebrate the start of October, I thought I’d combine my love for Halloween and also my love for all things pink and aggressively floral. Let’s become blossom witches! But first, I will need to make a pink witch hat so that’s exactly what we are going to do today. Of course you can make your witches hat in whatever colour you want and even in printed fabric. Please feel free to customise and adjust the design however you need to make a hat just for you and your personality. I was inspired by the 2016 film, ‘The Love Witch’ and her iconic pink hat look. I decided to make the hat more witchy shaped and add a chin strap because that’s how I wear most of my hats.

During my planning process for this idea, I decided to google proper witch hat dimensions and I stumbled across this tutorial from Keiko Lynn who also made a pink witch hat. I was so happy to see someone else add a ribbon chin strap to a witch hat so I felt like it was a blessing to do the same. I do not take credit for this original idea and some of the creation dimensions and encourage you to check out Keiko’s original tutorial. There are several witch hat tutorials out there but I wanted to reference this one in particular as it was very similar to my original idea.

How to make a pink Witches Hat with Miss MonMon
How to make a pink Witches Hat with Miss MonMon

Materials Needed:
Felt of your chosen colour. I had just over a meter.
Sewing Supplies (including sewing machine if you have one)
Bias tape in a colour matching your felt (or contrasting depending on what you want)
Decorations of your choice; I chose flowers and a floral ribbon trim.
Hot Glue
One metre of chin strap fabric or thick ribbon
I also ended up needing some fabric glue as my bias tape was very thin and difficult to sew.

Making the hat:
Cut out a rectangle of felt 14″ X 22″.
Fold the rectangle in half, pin or anchor your measuring tape at the corner (along the fold) and mark out 14″ increments. This should create a cone shape. Once you are happy with it, cut along the 14″ increment line.
Trim from the corner to the first 14” slant. This will be your cone shape. 
Sew the cone shape down the open side, trim off any excess hem and then flip your cone inside out.

For the brim you will need two 16″ X 16″ squares of felt and if you like a good stiff brim, some heavy fusible interfacing for extra stability.
Fold one square into quarters and cut it into a circle approximately 9″ in radius. Don’t unfold just yet.
Measure the circumference of your head, or at least the circumference of where you’d like your hat to sit on your head. Cut this circumference from the centre of your unfolded first square. This should create a donut shape.
On your second square, iron your heavy fusible interfacing onto one side (optional).
Pin the first brim to your second square. Mark out and cut the same shape again to match.
Sew along the outer brim. You can add your bias tape for a clean finish. I had some issues as my bias tape was quite thin so I ended up using fabric glue to adhere it. I’d recommend a thick bias tape or the fabric glue method.
Sew a stay stitch along the inner circle.
Pin your cone to your inner circle brim. Sew it into place. Of course you can also use fabric or hot glue if you are stuck in a pinch.

Feel free to decorate your hat as desired. I added some floral ribbon along the join between the brim and cone to hide the stitching. I then attached some fake flowers using hot glue. To finish my hat and add a little extra pizazz, I sewed in the chin ribbon and left it long and flowing.

How to make a pink Witches Hat with Miss MonMon
How to make a pink Witches Hat with Miss MonMon

I want to remind you that you can cut corners or change things up as you like. If you don’t have interfacing, you can skip it. You’ll just have a floppier brim. Alternatives: you can add wire to the outside of the brim (feed it through bias tape if you have it!) or even sandwich some cardboard in between felt if you’re going the hot glue route entirely. In my original hat, I also added interfacing to the inside of the cone to give it more structure and make it more opaque but I left that out of this one to make it a little more simple.

Now that I’ve completed my pink witch hat, it’s time to take her to the S&R Orchard just in time for the Blossom Festival. This year, the orchard has some new photo spots although there aren’t as many blossoms as there were last year. If you plan on going to the Orchard yourself I’d definitely recommend getting there early as the crowds come in pretty quick, oh and try to go during the week if you can. I will commend the Orchard on their disability access which was well organised and very accessible.
To finish my Blossom witch, I paired my hat with my pink Maria dress from Sarsparilly, some earrings from Deluxe creations and I wore some cute flats (just incase there was mud due to the rain). I felt very cute running around in this outfit and certainly got some very excited attention from families and children alike. I did appreciate the kiddy cuddles and encouraging the little ones to be whatever kind of person they wish, including a pink witch.

The interactions I had in this outfit reminded me to forge my own path and to embrace who I want to be. We should not be bound by our own imagination limitations and anything should be changed and customised to embrace our true selves. If you want to be a pastel witch this spooky season, absolutely go for it! I’d love to make another witches hat next year if I can get my crochet skills a little better. Here’s hoping! Wishing you all a wonderful spooky season!

How to make a pink Witches Hat with Miss MonMon

Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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