That’s a Wrap – Beetlejuice Halloween Shoot

We all have that show or film that terrified us as a kid, I have a couple and one of those films is Beetlejuice. I must have been about 3 or 4 years old and I saw Barbara and Adam turn into their scarier version and it frightened me beyond belief and I just avoided the film since then. It was only last year that I actually watched the film; I was at a Halloween party where we were just watching movies and this one was put on. I didn’t want to be ‘that’ person and ask if it was scary so I just figured I’d watch it and put up with the nightmares. It really wasn’t scary and it was just silly, fun and a bit ‘out there’. Sure, looking back now, Barbara and Adam growing crazy heads really isn’t that frightening so I feel a bit silly for avoiding Beetlejuice for so long but I ended up really enjoying the character of Lydia.

Turns out, friend and photo taking extraordinaire, Angie from Angie Delarie Photography, is a massive fan of Beetlejuice. Now if you aren’t familiar with Angie’s work, she’s super dedicated to creating wicked photoshoots with amazing themes. So much work goes into these shoots (sometimes years of planning) and they are always fun, affordable and a great experience. Each season and holiday in the year get’s a shoot with a different location, theme, props and more so it was no surprise when Angie announced this year, Beetlejuice would be the theme for Halloween.

During school holidays, most of us try to take it easy and relax a little, not Angie. No, Angie had to build a coffin in her backyard for the Bettlejuice shoot as well as customize a dollhouse, oh and build a giant sand worm. No idea what she’s going to do with a giant sand worm for 11 months of the year but I guess it would look cute with East Bunny ears or a santa hat. Now the idea for the shoot was Lydia in her red wedding dress styled and posed amongst Beetlejuice symbolism which would make any fan of the film squeal with delight. As this years Halloween guinea pig, I was more than keen!

Getting ready for the shoot was relatively easy because to be honest, Angie is super organised and had the costume, wig and shoes all ready for me so all I had to do was my makeup. I had a look at Lydia’s makeup and put my own twist on it because to be honest, I don’t have many makeup skills. I applied a white eyeshadow base and then coloured in my crease with a deep red and bronze shadow. I added a wing because let’s face it, thats just something I do to complete my look and then I attempted to contour my cheeks to be more sunken and deep. Although Lydia wore neutral lipstick I added a bold red lip because I figured it would pull the look together and pull away from cosplay and push me more into something a bit more vintage.

As for the costume, Angie had ordered a dress which was a replica (but a shorter version) online. To make it a bit fuller I decided to wear a red tulle dress underneath it which I think really added swish and drama. The costume came with a veil which really helped pull the whole look together. Angie had organised a wig which she further customized by adding a birds-nest on top for more height. All I needed to add were some shoes supplied by Diamond Heels, some earrings from Deluxe Creations and I was ready to go.

The shoot was a lot of fun; I ate all the red liquorice that was available, kept knocking over the sand worm and during posing had my leg crap up so all i could do was yell at it and laugh in pain. Angie put so many little details that it really made the shoot a delight. With the custom made coffin complete with velvet lining, custom moon back drop printed especially for the shoot and of course the giant sandworm; if you’re a fan of Beetlejuice this is the perfect way to celebrate that love. Oh and I named the sandworm Herman. Angie had spent an entire week constructing Herman and he certainly was a labour of love with so much effort put into him.

Angie is currently taking bookings for Beetlejuice shoots so head to her Facebook page if you’d like to book yourself your very own photo session. Angie provides the costume and wig (fully cleaned and sterilised between clients), your choice of earrings and accessories from Deluxe Creations, snacks (always a great selection), expert posing advice and 5 photos of your choice. I’ve never seen such unique Beetlejuice themed images before so being a part of this experience was truely a lot of fun. I highly encourage you to get involved with this shoot, let your hair down (or put a wig on it), and remember one of the craziest years there’s been.

Knowing Angie, I bet if you said you wanted to do this shoot but dress as a different character, you would be more than welcome to. Go for it and have fun with the idea; go as Beetlejuice (maybe do a feminized version), or perhaps go as Barbara or Miss Argentina!


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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