Decorating Beret’s for Halloween

I love me a good beret, they are super cute, come in loads of colours and of course, they are fully customisable to suit your style and personality. With spooky season well and truly underway, I thought I’d share some of my favourite beret customisation methods to add a little spooky flare to your month. Now these ideas are completely yours to change and alter to suit you! Feel free to use whatever colours, decorations or additional goodies to suit your own preferences. With each of these beret’s, you will need different things to achieve the final look so don’t feel pressured if you don’t have everything such as a sewing machine. Feel free to get creative!

I’m sure the main question you may be thinking is, ‘where do I get the best beret?’. Fear not my friend, I’ve been shopping for beret’s for a while. I normally get my berets from eBay as there are loads of sellers with heaps of colours all at a good price. My absolute favourite seller is this one from Poland. Travelling through Poland I love all their wool products and have a few berets that I have purchased from markets over the years and I cannot beat the quality. The berets are thick, can be stretched to your head shape, they are not see through like some cheaper brands and are woven really tight so you don’t get weird balding patches along the edges. For the quality I think the price is brilliant and I have shopped there for quite some time.
If you are wanting something a little cheaper, this is my second go-to seller from eBay. They are from China and have a great colour range. However, they are not as thick as I prefer my berets to be and they can wear out in the edges. When held up to the light you can see through them to a certain extent but they do last a while. I have shopped here several times and although they are not of the highest quality, they are a great alternative.

Berret 1: Spooky Spider
I’m really weird in the fact that I love spiders and find them really fascinating (I’m a weird Aussie) so I thought I’d embrace that love and create a spider web beret. The base of my beret is black so I will be using white and silver embroidery thread to stitch a spiderweb pattern on it.
To start, I used some chalk to map out where I wanted my spider web to be.
Once happy with my shape, I grabbed a white paint marker and etched the design onto the beret. Leave it to fully dry.
To finish the look, I added a spider brooch.

Beret 2: Needle felted pumpkin painting
This is the most time consuming of the tree designs but it’s been a fun evening crafting project whilst watching movies.
I started by drawing out a design I liked which included a pumpkin, some leaves and a vine. I wasn’t sure if I should add a pumpkin flower or not.
I chose my wool colours and began needle felting my design into place. I am very much a beginner at needle felting and this was the craft I decided to try during the first quarantine.
I recommend doing this design little by little. I only did a section each day and before I knew it, I was done!

Beret 3: Pumpkin Goodness
Of course I had to make a pumpkin beret and although I originally wanted to knit my beret, I didn’t get enough time this year so we will start with a ready made orange beret.
Flip your beret inside out and sketch out a pumpkin shape along the edges (sort of like very chunky flower petals.
Sew along your markings.
Flip your hat right side out.
From the inner points of your design, sew using a thick stitch from the edge to the middle. You can draw a guide line if you need one.
I needle felted the beret’s “stem” to become brown.
If you’d like, you can add a little leaf to your pumpkin but I will leave mine as is.

The possibility with these beret’s is endless. If you’re really feeling crafty you can cut out some spooky shapes from felt and attach them to your beret’s (imagine creating a cute Jack-O-Lantern face!). I really hope you have fun with these idea and of course, please tag or send me any photos of your creations! I’d love to see them. I will be posting reels based on these designs on my Instagram so head there to check them out. Wishing you all a wonderful spooky season!


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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