Best Vintage Reproduction Lingerie Brands

Have you ever put on a true vintage dress only to find it doesn’t sit right? Well, that might be because you’re not wearing the right foundation garments. The way we dress today is vastly different from how we dressed in the 40s and 50s; back then, shapewear and undergarments were just as crucial as the outerwear itself. Clothing was designed to be worn with specific undergarments in mind and to truly achieve that vintage look, you need to get a vintage silhouette. Our undergarments today have also changed a lot since the 40s and 50s so finding specific shapewear can be a challenge. Even after shopping for true vintage, I only have about 2 pieces of true vintage lingerie as it can be tricky to find so I often wear vintage reproductions to achieve my desired silhouette. To save you the hassle, I thought I’d share some of my favourite vintage reproduction lingerie and shapewear brands to help you achieve your dream bombshell silhouette with ease.

Bettie Page Lingerie by Playful Promises
A company I have shopped and worked with a fair bit in the past; Bettie Page Lingerie by Playful Promises, is a wonderful company which is unique, innovative, moral and inclusive of all individuals. With a great selection of vintage inspired lingerie, inclusive sizing and a variety of styles, there is something in this company that can make anyone feel like a bombshell. I personally love their unique colours, their bullet bras and french knickers and their diverse models. I have reviewed their lingerie in detail here and their new swimwear line here.

What Katie Did
Probably one of the most popular vintage reproduction lingerie companies, What Katie Did is a UK bases company specialising in recreating 1940’s and 50s undergarments. Originally famed for their seamed stocking (of which I own several pairs), What Katie Did sells a range of girdles, bullet bras, corsets, and loungewear. It’s worth noting that some of their sizing is a little limited especially for those looking for larger sizes, and their colour range for things such as skin toned stockings is also limited.

Kiss Me Deadly
Although I’ve never owned one of their pieces, I have friends that do and I’ve always admired their items. Kiss Me Deadly is an independent company based in the UK who really aspire to grow, create unique pieces of retro inspired lingerie and work with other creators in future collaborations. Their lingerie is very flattering and supportive especially for those with a fuller figure and they are perfect for those who want to feel like a femme fatale. It’s worth noting that they also have custom shape wear and corsets available done through a consultation which I think is very exciting.

Rago Shapewear
A personal favourite of mine, Rago Shapewear has been designing and manufacturing shape wear since 1945. Special techniques such as circle bonds have been recognised worldwide as exceptional garment construction. Rago Shapewear is unique for its construction, high waist/no roll guarantee, and no ride up features making a great go-to shape wear company. Rago’s constructed tummy panels and flat seaming make for comfort, a smooth look, and above all, peace of mind. I’ve only got a few of their pieces but they are truly wonderful especially their bras for a true vintage shape.
You can see them featured in this blog here.

Secrets in Lace
Some companies really have a passion for simple, elegant glamour when it comes to lingerie, Secrets in Lace is one such company. Originally started in 1984, they hoped to create lingerie that “kept the passion alive” and now sell a wonderful range of lingerie, shapewear, sleepwear and stockings. If you’re going to try anything from Secrets in Lace, I’d personally recommend their stockings; today they are the largest retailer in the world of 100% nylon stockings with over 40 exclusive styles to their credit. They own and operate two of the worlds remaining vintage stocking factories where they design and manufacturer the Secrets In Lace Brand.

Dottie’s Delights
If you are looking for the perfect combination of sexy and cute, Dottie’s Delights is where you should go. Heavily inspired by vintage pinups and burlesque artists, Dottie’s Delights brings together true vintage lingerie but integrates modern and fun colour combinations resulting in some truly unique pieces. In saying that, this is not a company for the budget conscious and some pieces can be very expensive and I’ve personally found their customer service to be a bit unhelpful.

Dita Von Teese Lingerie
The queen of burlesque herself has a truely wonderful vintage inspired lingerie brand which is both fabulous and functional. Dita Von Teese Lingerie is really well managed by Dita herself who oversee’s all creation and manufacturing taking inspiration straight from true vintage lingerie. With a large range of sizes, styles and patterns, there’s a lot to choose from with new collections being released regularly. I have a few pieces from Dita Von Teese Lingerie and although the shape can be quite modern in some styles, there are a few that really help give the vintage shape such as Her Sexellency collection.

Fifi Chachnil
With ultimate intimate luxury at the forefront of Fifi Chachnil, if you crave unique pieces with old world charm, this is the brand for you. With only the best and most luxurious materials in mind for their pieces, Fifi Chachnil specialises in soft cup bras, sheer negligees and sleepwear, and bloomers (they also do day wear such as dresses and knits), all their items are designed to be fancy, feminine and frilly. Due to their high quality and unique items, they do have a steep price tag but the amount of work that goes into each piece, made only when ordered, it’s certainly a way to treat yourself.

Pip and Pantalaimon
Although I’ve never shopped from this company, I have heard really good things from them so I wanted to include them as well. UK based company Pip and Pantalaimon specialise in vintage inspired lingerie and shape wear designed for pinups, rockabilly queens and burlesque enthusiasts alike. With their unique colour combinations, love of fun materials and beautifully constructed pieces, Pip and Pantalaimon are an Etsy shop worth checking out.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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