Sewing Pattern Review: Simplicity 9464 / R11333

This year, I am attempting to curb my spending so I’ve been shopping my sewing stashes when it comes to new sewing projects. Until I saw some of the new re-releases of original retro patterns that Simplicity put out, mainly R11333/ S9464. It was in my shopping cart faster than I could say “oh my gosh I need it!”. That momentary loss of self control aside, todays sewing review is a romantic grasp for warmer weather, spring meadows of flowers and aggressively floral prints.

Simplicity R11333 / 9464 is a revised retro pattern originally released in the 1940’s by Simplicity. For some odd reason, the patterns code seems to be different depending on where the pattern is from, my version is marked as Simplicity R11333 whilst the same pattern is also available elsewhere as Simplicity S9464. I’m not sure why this is but some mysteries are not supposed to be solved. This retro revamped pattern features two dress designs; style A has a sweetheart neckline and darted bodice, puffed short sleeves and a gathered skirt with a ruffle trim and self tie waist belt. Style B had a square neckline with darted bodice, puff sleeves and a gathered skirt; the neckline and sleeves are trimmed with a decorative edge. I love the simple cuteness of this pattern and the varations and ability to customise the garment to personal preference.

Miss MonMon sews vintage pattern Simplicity R11333 / 9464

Originally, I was wanting to sew style B as I really liked the square neckline but when I was looking through my fabric stash, I found a very close likeness to the fabric featured in Style A’s art work. Without another thought, I knew I was going to have to make Style A. I plan to make the bodice as suggested but in order to prevent an awkward amount of left over fabric, I will be keeping the skirt the same length and style, but adding more of it for extra fullness. As for sizing, I will be sewing a size 12 which although my measurements should make me a size 14, for some reason, sizing down in Simplicity patterns just seems to work for me so I’ll stick to my theory.

Now, that fabric I mentioned. I have no idea how I had this fabric in my stash but I did. From designer Whistler Studios for Windham Originally purchased from (and it’s still available here). Hailing from the Sugarcube collection, the fabric is a lightweight cotton with a yellow background and adorned with red and blue flowers larger flowers and smaller white flowers. The fabric is a dream to sew with and it’s certainly versitile. I love the cute country and retro vibe it has and how happy the fabric is. I’m hoping that this dress is the epitome of sunshine and has a bit of a cottage core vibe, good thing I have 5 and a half yards of it. It’s worth noting that this fabric is available in different colour ways and similar designs (I’m tempted to make a dress out of quilt patches from this collection because it’s pretty adorable).

Sew, let’s get started. As always, I began with the bodice which came together really quick. After sewing in the darts on the front and back bodice, I attached facing to the bodice edge which I reinforced with interfacing. The sleeves were designed to be simple but have a gathered top which works well for me as I can never set my sleeves in with a gather or a pleat at the top. The bodice has a back zip which makes her easy to put on and off. The bodice came together in an afternoon and its something a beginner can handle.

Miss MonMon sews vintage pattern Simplicity R11333 / 9464

The skirt is simple but can be a bit fiddly and time consuming. As I wanted the skirt to be fuller and to use up a bit more fabric, I doubled the amount of skirt pieces and did the same to the ruffles. I gathered my skirt using the dental floss method and attached it to the bodice. I then focused on the ruffles which took a fair amount of dental floss, after I gathered it and pinned it to the bottom of the skirt I realised I wanted more ruffles (is anyone really surprised?). I used the last of my fabric and cut out a few strips which I attached to the ruffle and gathered before adding the whole thing to the bottom of the skirt. Throughout this whole process, I was so excited to have my overlocker working as it made finishing the seams really easy because there was a lot of hem to finish. A lot of hem. So much hem.

Miss MonMon sews vintage pattern Simplicity R11333 / 9464
Miss MonMon sews vintage pattern Simplicity R11333 / 9464

Fit: Oh my gosh this dress is so ridiculously happy that I actually think it may be too much. This garment is … loud and bright and a good dollop of fun. She fits absolutely perfect and the fullness of the skirt gives her a great amount of twirl factor. This dress is a lot of fun to wear and I know in warmer weather, she will be exactly what I want if I find a field of flowers to run through.

Miss MonMon sews vintage pattern Simplicity R11333 / 9464
Miss MonMon sews vintage pattern Simplicity R11333 / 9464

Simplicity 9464 /R11333 is a really simple pattern and is great for beginners. The range of variations between bodices and skirts makes it easy to alter for your personal preferences. Although the ruffle skirt takes a bit of extra fiddling, it’s really worth it for a bit of extra cuteness. I think this pattern is great for those who prefer the 1940’s style or are into the cottage core; with a simple plain cotton or linen this dress is perfect for cottage core. With Simplicity releasing modernized versions of their vintage patterns, it’s really exciting to have access to more retro patterns.

Miss MonMon sews vintage pattern Simplicity R11333 / 9464
Miss MonMon sews vintage pattern Simplicity R11333 / 9464

I am planning to sew the other dress variation soon but I’m not sure about the ruffle trim so if you have any ideas, please share them with me. If you are hoping to grab a copy of this pattern, it’s quite readily available from most sewing stores. See you all in the next review!


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


2 thoughts on “Sewing Pattern Review: Simplicity 9464 / R11333

  1. Ellen says:

    Thank you for this review! I’m about to start this pattern and I find it so helpful to read others’ sewing process before I start. This was the only review I could find on this dress!

    My pattern is the 9464 edition and it has a button-down back on the bodice instead of a zipper— I wonder if that’s the main difference between the two numbers? ☺️


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