Sewing Patterns for Vintage Halloween Costumes

Tis the most wonderful time of the year when we can get cozy in our homes, use pumpkins and leaves as decorations, watch spooky movies and absolutely everything smells like vanilla and cinnamon. Ah, Halloween time; oh yeah, we need a costume! Unfortunately this year, my usual October of cosy crafting and sewing times has been replaced with travel and rearranging my life for a few very big changes. As I won’t be able to sew my costume this year, I wanted to share some fantastic sewing patterns to help you create your own perfect costume so I can live vicariously through you.

These two patterns are great for sewing up a Beetlejuice costume or even a fun gender-bend.
Simplicity 9170 Men’s Tuxedo Costumes

Simplicity 9165 Misses’ Costumes Dress

I Love Lucy
Ok, this is a pattern on my wish list, the iconic I Love Lucy costume replica from the Chocolate Factory episode. This would be cute as a besties costume or just an excuse to eat as much chocolate as you can. This pattern can also be made up for a ‘homemaker vibe’ Lucy as well.
Simplicity 9164 Misses’ Costumes

A chance to live out your Bridgerton fantasy and be the diamond of your very own Halloween party. This dress is super easy to whip up so it’s great for beginners.
Simplicity 9434

Simplicity 9502

Vintage Witch
Have you ever seen those amazing Victorian Halloween costume illustrations? This pattern gives me those vibes and I’d love to try out this pattern for myself next year!
Simplicity 9632 Costumes by Theresa Laquey

Cruella DeVille
A fun costume from a fun movie, a Cruella DeVille costume could be a super cute idea especially when you pair it with a matching wig.
Simplicity 9339

Simplicity 9340

Simplicity 9341

Nightmare Before Christmas
For the ultimate Halloween couple! This Jack Skellington pattern is fabulous especially with all the details added to it and the matching Sally Costume would be such a simple dress to sew up.
Simplicity 9343 Jack

Simplicity 9344 Sally

The Greatest Showman
Sometimes you just need a costume to let you be transported into a magical musical, this one is perfect for you.
Simplicity 8972

The Wizard of Oz
This pattern would be great for a small group of friends; you get Glinda the Good Witch, The wicked witch of the West and of course, Dorothy! Don’t forget the ruby red slippers!
Simplicity 4136

Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
This is a pattern I would make just so I have something fancy to wear around the house to eat pizza in. Oh and this pattern also includes some great extra ideas such as a Cleopatra and Cruella DeVille vibe.
Simplicity 9167

The Addams Family
The perfect costumes for mother and daughter or you and your bestie. Morticia Adams and Wednesday; can you imagine these in a lush black velvet?!
Simplicity 8973 for Morticia

Simplicity 9006 for Wednesday

Retro Harley Quinn
As cute as the Margot Robbie Harley Quinn is, you just can’t be the original catsuit in it’s iconic red and black. Yes please puddin!
Simplicity 8434

As much as some of these patterns aren’t true vintage, all these characters come from what many consider “vintage times”. By putting together a bunch of patterns all around characters that are easily recognisable, you can have a lot of fun discussing your characters with your friends. Some of these patterns can easily be changed or adjusted to suit whatever look you are going for and personally, I find Simplicity patterns to be really fun and easy to sew. I hope this list helps you on your costume making journey!


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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