10 Vintage Inspired Beauty Items You Need

For any vintage enthusiast, we all know how stunning vintage beauty products can be. Nothing beats vintage beauty packaging; the sturdy materials, the colours, the patterns and how much of it was able to be refilled and not thrown out after one use. Today’s makeup and beauty items don’t always hold up to vintage standards but in saying that, there are modern-day beauty items that can still give you all the vintage vibes. As the beauty industry is vast and wide, I wanted to share a variety of items which can work for all budgets but some brands may have limitations such as shade colours or availabilities. Also, this list may contain items that can be out-performed by similar items; I wanted this list to be mainly about aesthetics and visuals.

Gucci Beauté Des Yeux Gorgeous Flora Eyeshadow Palette
I completely understand that Gucci is out of a lot of people’s budget but their beauty products have the most incredible vintage-inspired packaging and almost all their items can suit the vintage vanity of a pinup girl. The Gicci Beauté Des Yeux Gorgeous Flora eyeshadow palette is stunning with its gold case and floral decorations; not to mention the colours in the pallette being very versitile for vintage makeup looks.
Also from Gucci, I’d recommend the packaging of their primers, nail polish, lipsticks and face powders.
You can find this product here. It retails for $230 AUD.

Florasis Floral Engraving Beauty Goddess Makeup Palette
Possibly one of the most beautiful beauty brands that have come out in recent years is Forasis from China. It’s not only the packaging, which is lush in colour, sleek and stunningly decorated, the makeup products themselves are spectacularly carved to depict various Chinese myths and stories. I would never be able to bring myself to use some of the products from this brand, they’re just too beautiful.
Check out this product here which retails for $59 USD

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Lipstick
The packaging! It’s gold, and shiny, and sleek, and textured, and gorgeous, and unique, and so good! From one of the best Korean beauty brands, This lipstick will be an absolute dream on any vintage vanity. It’s also worth noting that History of Whoo have a wide range of vintage-inspired beauty products and I especially love their powder compact and other lipstick types.
You can get this lipstick from YesStyle. Use code MONMON8 for discount at checkout.

Besame Black Cake Mascara
This entire brand is inspired by true vintage beauty items so any item from them would be perfect on a vintage vanity. It’s worth highlighting their black cake mascara which is based of real mascara from the 1920s which came in a cake form inside a tiny tin which was applied using a unique bristle brush. This is a brand worth checking out if you love vintage cosmetic.
Check out this product here, it retails for $51 AUD.

Fatale Cosmetics – Rita Rouge Lipstick
We’ve looked at this brand before and my love for them has not changed. Fatale Cosmetics is a true vintage inspired beauty brand which create some of the most vintage accurate products you can find. The Rita Rouge lipstick is a highly pigmented, rich and sultry crimson-red luxury lipstick with cool-blue and pink undertones.
Find the product here.

Guerlain Météorites Illuminating Powder Pearls
I remember my mum dipping her irridescent makeup brush into their little pot of translucent powdered pearls and apply it to her face. I sometimes snuck into the bathroom just to look at these little pearls and I love knowing that this product is still around and used today. The current formula leaves the skin a healthy glow, a soft floral scent and it’ll set your makeup.
You can find this item at Sephore here it retails for $68 AUD.

Charlotte Tilbury – Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder
A product I’ve used for years and can stand by because its not only an amazing face powder, but the packaging is very reminiscent of vintage compacts. I enjoy the simpleness of the design and think it would make a great addition to a vintage vanity table.
You can find the product here from Sephora. It retails for $46 AUD.

Paul and Joe – Eye Makeup Remover WP
If you haven’t looked into Paul and Joe, then please do so at your next earliest convenience. This brand is full of stunning vintage-inspired packaging and everything would look incredible on a vanity table. It’s worth pointing out the Paul and Joe eye makeup remover is a stand-out product if you want to pimp your vanity. The packaging of this item is gorgeous.
Find the item here on YesStyle. Use code MONMON8 for discount at checkout.

Anna Sui Loose Powder Case
Inspired by the look of an antique jewelry case, this Face Powder is complete with classic Anna Sui detailing, including the chic cabriole legs that support the loose powder case. I love how this case is refillable and perfect for those unique vanity desks which embrace darker tones.
You can find this product here, it retails for $22.

Flower Knows – Flower Goddess Blush
The packaging is everything when it comes to the brand, Flower Knows. Although there are some stunning packaging options, the packaging of the flower goddess blush is something to take notice off. A beautifully carved blush is nestled inside a porcelain-looking compact decorated with delicate details and topped with a bow.
Product can be found here and retails for $43.50 AUD


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. This page contains affiliate links/codes which aid in funding future reviews but do not cost you any more to use.


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