12 Cute Date Ideas for the Vintage Couple

There’s a great romanticism when it comes to couples dates inspired by the 1950s; the 50s depict a softer, sweeter, more innocent way of dating and falling in love in contrast to today’s predominent hook-up culture. After hearing one more awful Tinder date story from a friend, I thought I’d share 10 cute vintage-inspired date ideas for modern and vintage couples who just want a hint of nostalgia. Most of these ideas can be adapted for certain budgets and hopefully can mostly be accessible for most geographical locations.

1. Drive in Movies
Probably one of the most iconic date ideas from the 1950s. The Drive in cinema is the ultimate 50s date location as it’s cosy, private and most likely, they are showing a great range of films. If this is your first choice for a date but there’s no drive in near you, see if you can make a weekend getaway of it and drive a little ways to the nearest one. It would give you small town country romance vibes which are melting my heart just thinking about it.

2. Go Rollerskating or ice skating
A great idea for the coordinated couple who can actually rollerskate or are at least willing to give it a try. A very popular vintage past time makes for a great date night as it lets you embrace the disco diva that’s in us all as we continuously go round a dome filled with lights and colours. The music alone will make this a great date night and most Roller Skating rinks/domes have retro themed nights.
If it’s appropriate, rollerskating can be swapped out for ice skating which is equally just as lovely and romantic.

3. Go Bowling
If you’ve got a poodle skirt, this is the place you wear it! Take your sweetheart to the local bowling alley, don on some questionable shoes and roll that bowling bowl down the middle and certainly not into the gutters. Bowling is a great date idea as it gives you a chance to laugh at each other, get a little bit competitive but also show your supportive and fun side. Some bowling alleys even have date night specials so make a night of it.

4. Ice Cream Shop/Parlour
If you just want a small little date idea, let’s say your on the couch, the rain is just about to come in and you think, “lets make a quick run to the ice cream store”. With coats and gumboots in hand, head to get your ice creams, cuddle in the store as you watch the rain start to fall and dance the whole way home (or at least to the car). I think Ive read too many romance novels but see how cute it can be just getting ice cream?

5. Dinner at the Diner
It might e time to check if your local city has a vintage style diner and give it a visit. Get all dressed up and enjoy way too much junk food with your sweetheart. This is the place to go even if it’s just to share a milkshake (two straws of course) and just chat the night away. Extra points if you dance to a song or to on the jukebox, you know they have one!

6. Dancing All Night
This one can be a bit tricky if you want to go out dancing as opposed to ‘clubbing’. Go on a quest to find a pub or bar or venue that plays retro music and is a little less “doof doof club” music so you can really go dancing with your sweetheart. A night out dancing can also become a fun night in by creating a vintage dancing playlist and having a boogie in your own living room.

7. Tiki Bar Cocktails
It’s time to embrace the tropical but uber glamorous vibes with a date night to the tiki bar. Sure, probably not all places have one but even going to your favourite vintage vibing bar will give you the same feel if you dress up like a tropical queen. Enjoy some delicious cocktails, have a plate of nibbles to share and enjoy your night out.

8. Movie night In
Not everyone can have the funds to go out for anything elaborate so it’s totally fine to have a night in. A vintage movie night in can really be customized to the couple and their movie tastes; think of different iconic vintage thrilers, horror movies, rom coms or comedies. Watch a selection of genres whilst enjoying a selection of vintage style candy and treats which you can both organise before hand. This kind of date night can be done on it’s own or as part of a cute homemade meal at home, as part of a romantic weekend or even a way to wind down after going out for an earlier date.

9. Romantic Walk
This is a great date idea is you are travelling or somewhere other than your home as a long romantic walk can be a wonderful date as you explore a new space. In saying that, sometimes going for a lovely walk in your favourite park, neighbourhood or area can be a great way to share cute memories or future plans. Elevate the date by stopping for snacks because snacks in any occasion elevate the event.

10. Go to the Arcade
Give yourselves a limit of $20 and put it onto a gaming card as you take turns playing arcade games and machines making sure you sometimes do things on your own and also verse each other. This can be really fun date whether you decided to earn enough tickets for a silly prize or just get really competitive.

11. Go Swing Dancing
Part of any strong relationship is the ability to learn things together so, it’s time to go to those swing dancing lessons. The lessons themselves can be smaller dates, perhaps followed by a meal, snack or treat or a cute outing each time. Who knows, you could find a fun new hobby together and it’ll make going to parties and fun events just a little bit more special.

12. Fairground
Although this may be a seasonal date idea, if you even live somewhere that fairs happen, a fair day or fair night can be really sweet date idea. Time out together enjoying all the visual sensations that a fair has to offer. Eat junk food (cheese on a stick is my favourite), ride the carousel, share a fairy floss and cuddle on the ferris wheel. It’s romantic, sweet and something you’ll both look back on fondly.

There are so many more cute vintage date night ideas out there so keep thinking outside of the box. Gather inspiration from your favourite vintage films or books and see if you can replicate any of them. A date should be special carved out time between a couple so they can just spend time together doing things that are fun and enjoyable. If they are easy going, that’s when they become romantic but of course, try to customize and personalize the date for you and your sweetheart.
Off you go your love birds, go have a wonderful date night! Take a polaroid to remember the event.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


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