Tonko Provence Set Scarf and Glove Review

Sometimes your friends just gift you the best thing ever. For my birthday back in February, a dear friend of mine gifted me a stunning scarf and glove set from the Ukrainian brand Tonko. I have to be honest and say I had never heard of Tonko before and I’m so glad I know of them now and get to share them with you. My friend very kindly gifted me the ‘Provence Set’ which includes a head scarf, gloves and socks (not pictured because creepy foot people may be out there) so that’s what we will be reviewing today.

The Provence set comes in a three-part pack; the head-scarf, gloves and socks. Each item can be purchased individually or in a combination of just two items depending on your personal preference. This set, and many other items from Tonko, come in a range of tulles. This particular set is the 0.7 spot but can also be made in a 0.3 spot which is much smaller. Besides the size of the spot pattern, the tulle can also come in a small range of colours including black, powder and white. The 3-piece Provence set retails for around 72 Euro but is often on sale so keep an eye out.

Miss MonMon wears the Provence Set from Tonko.
Miss MonMon wears the Provence Set from Tonko.

My particular set was the 0.7 spot in the Black and Beige tulle colour. The scar was long enough to wrap around my head and fully cover my hair. I can see this scarf also being tied in a multitude of different ways around the head and of course, the neck as well. It’s worth noting that not everyone will wear this scarf wrapped around the head so please know that there are many ways it can e worn depending on personal preference. Once wrapped around my head, I found the tulle wasn’t overly slippery and I didn’t feel like the scarf was slipping off my head so I think with a few strategically placed bobby pins, you can wear it all day without worrying about losing it. The edge of the scarf has a very fine black overlock which adds a lovely finish to the scarf.

Moving onto the gloves, they are available in sizes xs to m and my friend chose extra small which fit me fine but personally I’d have gone a small (I have a size 7 glove normally). The gloves are made out of a matching tulle and fully enclose the fingers. Around the wrist of the gloves is a ruffle layer that extends out about two inches. These gloves are super adorable and although I don’t normally reach for ruffle gloves, I thought they looked great when properly styled. I do have quite long fingers and normally long fingernails so I thought the fingers were a touch small for me personally but since my friend purchased these on a whim, I thought they’d work just fine. I did wear the gloves with some rings underneath which made the gloves tight so please keep that in mind if you plan to do the same.

Miss MonMon wears the Provence Set from Tonko.
Miss MonMon wears the Provence Set from Tonko.

Overall, the Province set is absolutely stunning and I’m so happy to have discovered a new Ukrainian brand. I’m not sure how long this brand has been around but I can’t wait to see what else they produce. They have inspired me to try and make my own gloves and scarf sets which I might do soon. According to my friend, the items arrived around 3 weeks after she ordered (from Ukraine to Sydney Australia). I think for the price and the ability to support such a unique small business, this set is worth every penny. Besides scarves, gloves and socks, Tonko also sells bows, masks and two unique collections; the wedding collection and the Ukrainian collection.

In terms of styling these pieces, I was very inspired by some of the images on the Tonko website which featured this kind of soft beige styling so I paired my Provence set with a plain dress from The Pretty Dress Company as I wanted the scarf and gloves to shine through. I did wear this outfit out and received so many compliments. I found the scarf stayed around my head for ages until I ended up just wrapping it around my neck. With the gloves, they made using my phone a little difficult and I couldn’t get everything out of my wallet so I found they were better when just walking around rather than trying to do daily activities.

Miss MonMon wears the Provence Set from Tonko.

I’m ever so grateful that my friend showed me this brand and gifted their items to me as I don’t think I would have discovered them on my own. This unique set can be styled in a range of ways and I’m hoping to keep playing with colours and tones. I do plan on styling this set with darker tones but I do love how they look against the creamy beige. This set really lets you embrace your Parisian chic style as well as a romanticized simple lifestyle vibe. It goes without saying that this set can be worn together or separated depending on the style you want. I’d definitely recommend Tonko as a brand and think their quality is great for what you receive. I hope you loved this set as much as I did.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


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