Lola Storm – Product Review



Miss MonMon wearing Lola Storm by Red Leopard Photography

As many of you who follow my social media may be aware, I have recently become a brand ambassador for Lola Storm’s Eclectic Affair. Lola Storm is owned by Claire and Michael Ellis. They are a Perth based vegan power couple who promote ethical beauty with a deep love of pinup and vintage.

I was drawn to this company because I always try to support local and small businesses wherever I can. I also found Claire and Michael to be a very positive and happy couple who really wanted to make the world a better place. When I became an ambassador, it was really exciting to be partnered with a company that takes similar ethics to me into account.


The first item I chose from the company to promote was one of their many hair flowers. What pinup doesn’t love a good hair flower? I chose a hair colour with small tight clusters of flowers that looked like hydrangeas. They were a beautiful pink orange colour that I thought could really brighten up an outfit especially with the colder months on its way.




Upon arrival, the flower came beautifully wrapped in brown paper and ribbon. Opening it felt like Christmas! The hair flower was about the size of my hand and had a French barrette clip on the back. It was really light to wear and didn’t weigh down my hair. I found it really comfortable to wear and forgot it was in my hair.

Mon Mon-6

Miss MonMon wearing Lola Storm flower piece. Photo by Red Leopard Photography.

The only thing I would change, which is only a personal preference, is I would swap out the French Barrette clip for an alligator clip. I just find them easier to slide into the hair but that’s just me. As part of my partnership with Lola Storm, I get to design my own hair flower piece. I’m really excited to do so and might do something inspired by my grandmother, perhaps I can get it on an alligator clip so us unco-ordinated people won’t struggle.

Lola Storm have a really wide range of products on their website. Their hair flowers average around $12.95 which is more than reasonable for a hand made hair product. Beside the hair flowers, they also have clothing, beauty products, shoes and accessories. There really is something for everyone.

You can shop Lola Storm at

I also have a coupon you can use! Type in mon20 and get 20% off your order.

Facebook: Eclectic Affair

Instagram: @lola.storm


Much Love,
Miss MonMon x

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