That’s a Wrap – Things to pack in your model bag

Modeling should always be taken serious even if it’s just a fun hobby. In the industry, you represent your brand so it’s crucial to be organized, punctual and professional. If you really get into modeling, I recommend you buy yourself a bag (preferably on wheels) about the size of cabin luggage and make it your ‘model bag’. I have created a list of ten items that every model should pack in her model bag:


Cabin luggage or small travel bags are perfect for a model bag. Wheels also help you move your bag around. Photo from Pinterest.


  1. Basic Makeup; Sometimes a makeup artist brings certain makeup that you may be allergic to or not have a foundation that matches your skin tone. Your basic makeup should always carry foundation, mascara and perhaps an eyeliner. As the eyes are very sensitive, by having your own mascara, you reduce the risk of infection and you won’t have to share eye makeup with other people.


  1. Basic Hair products; including a hairbrush, comb, bobby pins and spray. Much like makeup, sometimes your hair requires a certain brush so by having your own, the makeup artist/hair stylist won’t have to stress. Also, sometimes the hair stylist leaves early and your hair may fall or need to be pinned back, by having your own supplies you can easily fix yourself up and keep shooting.


  1. Baby Wipes; Always carry baby wipes with you as a model as you never know what the final makeup look may be and you may want to clean up your face after a shoot. Sometimes shoots get really creative (ive had paint powder thrown at me, my body covered in glitter and even paint poured on my head) and having baby wipes you can always get yourself clean enough to go home. Baby wipes are also great at wiping makeup off clothing incase you get some foundation on the clothes you are modeling. I’m sure the stylist will thank you.


  1. Pads, tampons, tea and painkillers; yep, we still need to go to shoots despite having cramps from hell. Sometimes you may need to clean yourself up during a shoot (baby wipes come in handy once again) or you may be caught off guard. I’ve had several models ask me in panic if I had a spare pad so it’s best to be prepared.


  1. Duct tape; as dodgy as it may sound, duct tape can be really handy during a shoot. When shooting outside, it can really windy so lighting equipment may start blowing away, duct tape can be used to keep equipment in place (make sure you let the photographer put the tape on their equipment as they know it better than you do and you don’t want to damage it). Also, some studio’s are really sensitive when it comes to scuff marks left on studio floors. An easy way to get around this is to put duct tape on the bottom off your shoes.


  1. Spare undergarments; I recommend having underwear and strapless bras in white, black or nude colours. You can buy seamless underwear from Target or Victoria’s Secret that claim to be ‘invisible’ under your clothing. It’s also a good idea to have a pair of silicon bra cups and nipple stickers just incase you can’t wear a bra at all. It may be helpful to also have a pair of skin coloured stockings for emergencies.


  1. Nail polish remover; there is nothing worse than having a model show up to a shoot with chipped or an inappropriate coloured nail polish. Bright blue for a bridal shoot? No thank you! You can buy a small tub with ready soaked nail polish pads which make cleaning up your nails super easy especially if you’re caught off guard or forgot about your pedicure.


  1. Shaving razor; It may be a delicate topic but if you miss a spot whilst shaving, it can come up on camera and not be the most attractive thing. Having a razor handy can make a quick hair cleanup easy to do. There are razors available that already have a gel strip which activates in water, go into a bathroom and give yourself a quick shave. I’ve seen models who forgot to shave their arm pits and need to run out to a chemist for a razor be really embarrassing. Be prepared.


  1. Hayfever medication and tissues; for those who suffer from hayfever and allergies, it’s really handy to have medication on hand just incase you’re shooting outside or somewhere a bit dusty. Whenever I buy my hayfever tablets, I cut the blister pack up and put a couple in my model bag as well as travel tissues. No one likes to model with the sniffles.


  1. Water, straws and snacks; sometimes shoots go for longer than expected so it’s best to keep your sugar levels up. Always take a bottle with fresh water and a couple of snacks; I like to take a muesli bar, some dried fruit and nuts or perhaps a small chocolate bar just to boost your energy. If I have time before a shoot some crackers, carrot sticks and dip can really help out. Don’t forget the straws! This saves a lipstick touch up every time you need a drink!


When it comes to modeling, you should always be ready for anything. Sometimes shoots don’t go the way they were planned or take a strange turn. By having these 10 basic items, you are prepared for almost anything. As you gain experience by doing shoots, you slowly learn what you need to bring with you. What do you take with you to a shoot? What will you add to your model bag?


My dream model bag. Photo from pinterest.

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