Wheels and Dollbaby – The Seven Wonders Haul and Review

If you’re a lover of all things pinup and vintage, you’ve probably heard of the Australian brand Wheels and Dollbaby. I remember being taken to the store when I was in high school and I was just so bewitched by all the beautiful clothes. Although back then the budget was out the window, as I grew up, I still held onto the love I had for the brand but also the feelings the clothes gave the wearer. Wheels and Dollbaby personified the type of woman I wanted to be when I grew up; strong, confident, in control of her agency and not affraid to be bold and different. Anyday now, I will be that woman. I remember buying my first item and being so excited even though it was only a singlet which I still have to this day. Over the years, as my bank account grew, so did my collection and now I have some really beautiful pieces but still lust over items I never bought. Oh the buyers regret is real!

For those that follow the brand, we all know and instantly recognise the iconic and highly sought after Dita Cardigan. It’s one of the most coveted pieces of modern day clothing ever created and some colours can fetch a pretty penny. I have a small collection with many being almost treasures. It was a sad sad day that Mel, the owner of the brand, announced that she was shutting down and many fans sobbed and lit candles in rememberance (or at least I did). It’s been a little while since the online store closed it’s world wide web doors but alas, they have been flung open! For the second time. I think it was sometime last year that two more colour ways were unleashed upon the world and once again, the Dollbaby gods have released a new collection for us to feast on.


It was quickly announced through many online fan pages that Wheels and Dollbaby were releasing a mini collection titled, ‘The Seven Wonders’ but not much else was know. Many put their hopes out but we were graciously gifted six new cardigans and a revamped Irma skirt. The release was early one morning and it was told that this would be a limited run so many were very nervous waiting for the site to update. The collection featured the Dita cardigan in four colourways, black on black which was a re-release, black on royal purple, black on baby blue with polka dots and black on cream with polka dots. There was also a new feather/burlesque inspired cardigan which had rhinestone accents but the same shape as the original Dita which came in pink on black and black on pink. Finally, as stated above, an Irma skirt which was a rerelease.I originally woke up and opened the site to await the launch planning to only get one cardigan but … I slipped at the last minute and almost bought out the shop. Here’s my haul and my thought on the collection.

seven-wonders_1.jpgThe items I received were:

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 9.04.55 pmScreen Shot 2019-11-11 at 8.43.40 pmScreen Shot 2019-11-11 at 8.35.17 pmScreen Shot 2019-11-11 at 8.23.17 pm

I am pleased to say that the quality of this release has definitely improved since the last release which is great to see! The cardigans were incredibly soft and felt very velvety and luxurious, especially the spotted cardigans. The buttons all stayed on and were sewn on very well, not a single one fell off or was loose. They were a little stiff to take on and off which proved to be a bit of a struggle but at least they weren’t falling to the floor. The satin ribbon and velvet front ties were all well attatched and of high quality. I didn’t notice any loose threads on the embroidery and it seemed to be perfect.
I really loved the new plume design with the extra sparkles although the price tag is a bit rich at $225 for one cardigan. The normal Dita cardigan retails for $195 which also is a very steep price for a single cardigan. I am a size 10 and ordered the coresponding sizes and found them true to size. They fit perfectly, looked nice and snug but not too tight and didn’t gape. The cardigans arrived very quickly after their original shipping date and I was pleased that none of the packing boxes were bent or damaged upon arrival.
Hurray! I am so happy for this collection and release!


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way.

One thought on “Wheels and Dollbaby – The Seven Wonders Haul and Review

  1. Virginia Berry says:

    Thanks for the review. Now that they have been released, I was considering which one to buy (and in what size). Your review helped me enormously. Thanks again.


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