How to Stop Clip-On Earring Hurting and Falling Off.


Clip-on earrings are a part of most pinup and vintage lovers accessory collections. But their main downside is THEY HURT and that sucks. In today’s blog, I share my favourite hacks on how to stop clip-on earrings hurting and also falling off your lobes. I hope you find something that helps.

Application Method:
-Open your clip on earring.
-Lightly stretch your earlobe
-Clip on your earring whilst still stretching your lobe
-Once the earring had latched, release your earlobe.

Stick-on Soft Foam Pads
These pads are the easiest out of all these hacks to use. They are basically a small foam sticker designed for clip on earring backs and on the bridge of your eyeglasses. You simply peel off the sticker backing, apply the adhesive to your clip on and you’re done. The only downside I find with these is that the glue wears out pretty quick so you will be replacing them quite often. Also, because they are foam, they can hold a fair amount of bacteria in them which I find kind of gross.
Link here for 10 pairs.

Silicon Slip-On Earring Pad
These slips come in small, medium and large and I have personally found that the medium is the main size you’ll need. Bascially, they work like a silicon pocket that you slip over the back of your clip-on earrings. They act as a cushion but also a slip preventer.
Link here for 50 Pairs in Medium.

Silicon Soft Pads for Clip-Ons
These pads are designed for clip-on’s with small holes at the back on their clip. Unfortunatley that limits them to which clip-on earrings they can attach to but they do really help with cushioning and making the earrings anti-slip. In saying that, they are also really fiddley to attach and take a bit of wiggling. I found the best way is to push the nib of the silicon pad into the back hole of the clip on, once it starts pushing through, use your nail to pull it through It may take some time.
Link here for 50 pairs.

Anti-Slip Nose Pads for Glasses 
These little stickers are pretty amazing! They are actually designed to be self-adhesive anti-slip nose pads for your eyeglasses but you can still stick them onto the back of cli-on earrings. They are really sticky which means that they will stay put for quite a while and being made out of silicon, they won’t get covered in bacteria. However, because they are shaped for eyeglasses, they will need to be trimmed with small glasses.
Link here for 5 pairs.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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