Erstwilder Insects Collection


As an avid gardener, I don’t mind the odd creepy crawley as long as they don’t eat my garden…I’m looking at you caterpillars! In saying that, I really like certain insects as they are just another essential part of life and are pretty cute! When I heard Erstwilder was releasing a new insect inspired collection designed by Sally Land I was pretty excited. Today I share with you some of my favourites from the collection.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Our Lady’s Bird

The Our Lady’s Bird brooch is one of my asolute favorite pieces from the collection mainly because I really love lady birds. The red resin is plain with the black spots really standing out and taking pride of place. The lady bird isn’t overly charicatured but is still beautiful in it’s simplicity.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Prince of Orange

Of course there was a monarch butterfly brooch! Infact, this collection had several butterflies which really made me smile. I chose the brooch because I know it’s colouring will go well with lots in my wardrobe but also because it’s so cute! The orange resin is textured with sparkles and colours and mine was a bit darker on one side. This brooch is pretty realistic in it’s styling which makes it perfect for more brooch lovers.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Bumble Butt

I am so happy there was a Bumble Bee brooch! Living in Australia, we don’t have Bumble bees, but when I lived in Ireland, all my friends would laugh whenever i got overly excited at seeing one of these little guys float around a flower bed. Massive snaps to Erstwilder for including their little white butts but also thank you for creating a brooch that transports me to some wonderful memories. The resin in this brooch is plain which makes the colors stand out, I also like how simple the design is.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Reticulated Rebel

Ok, I LOVE snails. Yep, those strange, slimey guys with wobbley eye-balls on sticks. We’ve already talked about how much I love their mucus in my skincare but now I can literally wear my love on my sleeve with this brooch. The patterns in the resin make each item really unique and beautiful and I love the colours they chose. This brooch is one of my top favourites from the collection and I can already hear my friends groaning when I bring up my love of snails once again. Not even sorry!

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Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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