Vivien of Holloway Review – Katherine Pants and Slash Neck Top

There are some vintage reproduction brands which always get it right, one such brand is Vivien of Holloway. Based in the UK but also with an Australian branch (Shop at Christines), Vivien of Holloway has a knack on getting cuts, fit and the vintage feel of a dress absolutely perfect. I have worn many of their items throughout the years and they are always such a treat; when I was recently asked to collaborate with them I was so excited I squealed out loud with joy. Some collabs are smooth and this one, unfortunately, was not but with no fault to Vivien of Holloway; with all the lockdowns, restrictions and the awful weather, it has taken me way too long to release these photos and they have infact been photographed three times. But here we are, finally here after close to two months of fluffing around, here we go, we are reviewing the Katherine pants in denim and the Slash Neck top in aubergine cable.

Photos by Angie Delarie Photography.

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Miss MonMon wearing slash neck top in aubergine cable and Katherine denim pants from Vivien of Holloway. Photo by Angie Delarie Photography.

Slash Neck Top Aubergine Cable
First up, I absolutely am so happy to finally have a slash neck top from Vivien of Holloway. I have been hunting a black and white one in my size for a while so it’s super exciting to finally have one to test out and boy has it been worth the wait. I chose this striking aubergine colour as it’s perfect for the cooler weather and wanting to dress and feel cosy. Im a fan of the cable knit style print; it made me feel like I was wearing a jumper and it was surprisingly warm. I am tempted to try one size down as I’m not sure if the top should have a bit of a gape along the neckline but I’m still happy with the fit. It was very comfortable and I loved it.

The slash neck style was really popular in the 50’s and often seen on celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. It was classic, flattering and could be dressed up or down depending on the situation. I was surprisingly happy with the sleeve length despite me normally prefering long sleeves. I think on days such as this one, it was cool and windy but the top kept me warm so I didn’t mind my arms a bit more exposed. I also thought the colour was very flattering and I recived many compliments on it throughout the days I have worn it. This top would be great with capri pants, shorts or a skirt.

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Miss MonMon wearing slash neck top in aubergine cable and Katherine denim pants from Vivien of Holloway. Photo by Angie Delarie Photography.

Katherine Demin Pants
I always struggle finding pants that fit me really well. I hover between multiple sizes and find they are either too short, too tight or way too big even when following size charts. I’m really glad that I took a chance on some Katherine pants from Vivien of Holloway and these are infact my second pair. I don’t remember the last time I wore jeans and haven’t owned a pair in about 5 years (I think the last time I had jeans was in Ireland and even before that, there were 7 jean-free years). So to be able to test out the Katherine pants in denim was a real pleasure even though I was nervous about them.

Let’s start with the style; Katherine pants are a great 1940’s inspired shape. They are high waisted, very long and wide in the legs. They have side buttons and a front pocket. I ordered the size fitting a 28″ waist. I found the fit around the waist to be perfect but I think I found the pants a little long in the crotch and they bunched up a bit when I walked. They also bunched up a bit around my bottom making them stick out in odd ways when I tried to pose. However, when walking or sitting, they were comfortable. The legs are very wide so no complaint there however unrolled they were very long so I might take them in a few inches or just keep them rolled up all the time. As I said, finding pants in a vintage style that fit well is really difficult but I am wondering if it is partially from the denim fabric being stiff. The other Katherines I own do not bunch or gather oddly so it might just be my body rejecting the denim.

Despite this, I have been wearing them many times during the week and they have become my go-to pants for when I need to rush out the door. I found that they wash really well and are not as stiff as when I first received them. They are very heavy and thick which makes them great for all the cold weather we have been having. It’s been a nice change not worrying about skirts flying up on a windy day. They are also comfortable for lounging around at a friends house if you plan on having a day filled with snacks and video games.

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Miss MonMon wearing slash neck top in aubergine cable and Katherine denim pants from Vivien of Holloway. Photo by Angie Delarie Photography.

Final Thoughts
As is the case with most Vivien of Holloway; the quality is impecable, the style is true to vintage and the wide variety of sizes and colours means that they really know how to cater to the vintage community. I have loved and enjoyed Vivien of Holloway clothing for many years and always feel great when I wear their items. I am also a fan of the wide variety of models they use, their amazing customer service and how personable they are to their fans. I’m a part of their Facebook group and am alwasy pleased to see how kind, understanding and open they are. It makes me proud to support them.
Both of these items have been enjoyed during the colder months especially the Katherine pants. I have worn them numerous times and they become my go-to pants for when I quickly need to run to the shops and want to throw something on and rush out the door. I will definitely keep hoping for more of the slash neck tops to be restocked as after finally trying one, I know I need it in more colours. It’s a great staple to have and goes with so much that I already have in my closet.
If youve been thinking about getting something from Vivien of Holloway, don’t wait anymore. They have always been one of the top vintage inspired clothing brands and their quality has never faltered. If you have your eye on something, don’t wait for too long because things sell out all the time. Not everything returns so it’s best to get it and not regret it. I love them and will always continue shopping with them.

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Miss MonMon wearing slash neck top in aubergine cable and Katherine denim pants from Vivien of Holloway. Photo by Angie Delarie Photography.

A huge thank you to Vivien of Holloway for offering me this collaboration. It was a pleasure to hear from you and work with you. Shop Vivien of Hollway here.
Another massive thank you to Angie from Angie Delarie Pinup Photography for taking these snaps of me on a very windy afternoon. Your help is always very much appreciated.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made. 

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