Daisy Jean Beauty and the Beast Collection

Growing up, I loved listening to fairytales; they made me believe in inner strength, inner beauty, kindness and magic. My favourite story was always Beauty and the Beast; I loved reading and would always have my nose stuck in a book so I found the character of Belle really relatable. She didn’t really fit in with the town she lived in and was a bit socially distant which was how I felt at school. I’ve always loved how Belle tried to see inner beauty and the good in everyone and thing. Hoping about the nostalgia train with Beauty and the Beast is Daisy Jean Floral Designs with their brand new collection.

I was super excited about this collection when I first heard about it and am so happy to share it with you today. It was of course made and assembled in Sydney. The collection includes a pair of earrings, a necklace and seven brooches all depicting the characters from the Beauty and the Beast fairytale. The collection is now available on Daisy Jean’s website.
Photos by Hot Pixel.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Rose earrings. Photo by Hot Pixel. 

Let’s start with these Rose earrings. The rose is a huge symbol of Beauty and the Beast and one of the most iconic images from the fairytale itself. It makes perfect sense to turn the rose into a pair of earrings for the collection; it allows you to mix and match with the theme and they really do fit with every other piece in the collection and are of course, beautiful on their own. The roses are made from a deep red ripple shimmer resin and a solid deep green resin for the leaf. The rose and leaf have painted gold detailing. They are really lightweight, only one layer thick and didn’t hurt my ears after wearing them for a whole day. They also didn’t make my ear lobes swell or go red which can often happen as I have sensitive skin.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Mrs Potts and Chip Necklace. Photo by Hot Pixel. 

This is probably my dream necklace; it’s cute and completely inspired by tea. Mrs Potts and Chip look so adorable in this necklace and the detail that has gone into their design is uncanny. It’s so well put together with all the colours working together in perfect harmony. I’m a particular fan of the tea splash; the resin has a beautiful shimmer ripple which makes the tea look oh so delicious. I’m a huge fan of chips expression in this piece, he looks very calm and joyous, much like how a cup of tea makes me feel. This piece is perfect for someone looking to add an element to their Disneybound costume and this would be a perfect piece for anyone going back to Disneyland anytime soon.
The piece is two layers thick and flat. A linking chain is attached to Mrs Potts handle and the top of Chips cup rim. The chain is also adjustable so it can sit perfectly on a wide range of necklines.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Mrs Potts brooch. Photo by Hot Pixel. 

Onto my main lady; Mrs Potts. She is so charming as this resin brooch and probably one of my favourites from the collection. She looks so sweet and cute; the perfect friend to have tea with. She is made out of mostly solid tone resin and is quite lightweight. I think her size is perfect to see so much detail and her expression is warm and friendly. This brooch would be an excellent accessory for a tea party or a Disney themed event.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Cogsworth brooch and Rose earrings. Photo by Hot Pixel. 

Oh my gosh, Cogsworth is so dang cute, I can barely handle it. His expression is so adorable, he definitely looks like he’s about to tell you off for not listening to his instructions. I am in love with his resin and it’s swirly sparkly charm; it’s a lovely way to depict wood with a little bit of added magic. The detail that is in this piece showcases Daisy Jeans skills in bringing life to resin. He is a great size, lightweight, two layers thick and flat. What a cutie!


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Lumiere Brooch. Photo by Hot Pixel. 

Ah Lumiere, the charmer of the group and also the light bringer. One of myt favourite characters from my childhood, I loved how he could pull of a Broadway style production at the drop of a hat. It had me wondering if all the castle staff spent years rehersing just incase they ever had a guest with a joy of theatre. It completely paid off if you ask me! Lumiere is constructed out of gold shimmery resin with painted details. His candle flames are made up of bright red resin and a solid yellow resin which is relaly warm and inviting. His expression makes me think that he is up to mischief and about to annoy Cogsworth for the upteenth time that day. He is a perfect size, lightweight, two layers thick and flat. The perfect companion for any day.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Rose Brooch and Rose earrings. Photo by Hot Pixel. 

You can never have too many roses in my opinion. Continuing the rose theme from the already mentioned earrings, the rose is also available in brooch form including the iconic glass dome the encases its magic and beauty. This is my top favoruite piece from the whole collection. It’s the perfect piece for any Disneybound, a date night or just a little extra beauty and glamour into your day. The glass resin is beyond stunning with shimmer and glitter all merged into one. All the hand painted gold details in this piece make it truly unique and extra special. The size is perfect to wear as a statement piece or blend into an outfit; it consists of two layers of resin and is flat and lightweight. I cannot praise this peice enough; if you’re looking to get one piece from this collection, this is the one.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Belle Brooch and Rose earrings. Photo by Hot Pixel. 


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Belle Brooch and Rose earrings. Photo by Hot Pixel. 

I could not resists posting two images of our leading lady, Belle. In her beautiful princess-like glory, she is a sight to behold and made up of the most beautiful resin. Her dress shimmers in gold tones and her hair flows with sparkling swirls. I love the little rose that is added to really tie the story together. Belle looks stunningly beautiful and is perfect for anyone who is a fan of the fairytale. I’m glad Daisy Jean went for more of a gold tone as opposed to a yellow as it add more of a royal feel to the character. Her expression is really lovely and soft; she is pure perfection. She is a great size for anyone looking for a pop of fairytale charm or perhaps a Disneybound accessory. She is made up of two layers of resin, is flat and very lightweight. I love love love her.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Beast brooch and Rose earrings. Photo by Hot Pixel. 

Last but not least, our prince in disguise. I can’t get over how realistic his fur looks and it’s all done with a shimmer resin. I love the details that have gone into his outfit including his coat and of course his face. I can’t imagine it being easy to portray a hairy beast out of resin but somehow Daisy Jean have smashed it out of the park. This piece is really intricate and there’s so much effort and thought that has gone into him. He will definitely be treasured. Same with the rest of this collection, the Beast is a great size, lightweight, made from two layers of resin and is completely flat. He is perfection.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Rose earrings and Rose earrings. Photo by Hot Pixel. 

This entire collection just makes my heart sing and I had to close off this review with another image of my favourite piece. The Beauty and the Beast collection is released for purchase with pieces already available on the Daisy Jean website and from their stockists. If items sell out, they will be made-to-order so don’t worry about things selling out instantly and missing out. Go give Daisy Jean some love, this collection deserves all the credit it can get and the team working behind it is beautiful.
A special thank you to Alex from Hot Pixel for taking these photos for me. You’re always a dream to work with.

Photography: Hot Pixel
Accessories: Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Blue Dress: Zoe Vine
Apron: true vintage
Yellow Dress: The Pretty Dress Company 
Hair Flower: Daisy Jean Floral Designs 


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made. 

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