Erstwilder X Kitschy Witch Halloween Collection 2020

I know, deep in my heart, spooky season is all year around but I’ve slowly started listening to my Halloween music and watching my Halloween movies more openly. There’s nothing better than spooky season; this year will be a little bit more crazy for me but oh my goodness has the new Erstwilder Halloween collection brought me so much joy! Erstwilder has come together with amazing illustrator and general fabulous female Kitschy Witch Designs to bring about a wonderfully whimsical and adorably spooky collection.


Miss Vintage Orchid and Miss MonMon wearing the Erstwilder X Kitschy Witch Halloween collection 2020

As always, I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite pieces from this collection which featured essential earrings, brooches, necklace and earrings. It’s a truely wonderful collection with something cute and quirky for everyone. I was also very lucky to shoot it with my pinup bestie, Miss Vintage Orchid, and I will share some of her images below as well.

Let’s start with essential earrings; I am a huge huge fan of the studs and in this collection, they were available in four different shapes; pumpkins, cat heads, cat bodies and bones. My most favourite of all the essentials were definitely the orange pumpkins because it’s a great way to wear Halloween without it being obvious. In fact all of my favourite studs are cute and subtle ways to embrace your inner spook.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Essential earrings in orange pumpkin.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Essential earrings in black cat head.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Essential earrings in white bone.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Essential earrings in teal cat.

Now, let’s move onto the main collection! If you don’t know the designs and stylings of Kitchy Witch, you should definitely check her out (she has her own clothing and accessories as well, I have my eye on a few pieces). This collection is all about fun colours, kitschy vibes and quirky designs. I am a particular fan of the faces of some of the characters; they are so sweet, cute and charming. My absolute favourite piece is the lovely lady spider ‘Spinner of Spells’; I like to think she’s me if I ever turned into a spooky character and she even has a matching mole!


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Spinner of Spells brooch.

We all love some good matchy-matchy and the Which Witch duo brooch set is absolutely gorgeous. With the current political climate and people making a conscious effort to be more inclusive and listen to voices of colour, seeing these two witches bring together so many individuals and make a strong statement. Shooting with my pinup bestie, we were so proud to wear different skin colours and show our support of all women.


Miss Vintage Orchid wearing Erstwilder Which Witch brooch.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Which Witch brooch.

Other favourite pieces include the Cursed Cuppa? brooch set which of course, is the cutest thing ever because tea is just amazing. I’m planning on wearing it as a cardigan collar clip with a short chain attached to both pieces. It’s such a cute little set and it’s nice to be able to wear a tea set which isn’t a light pastel colour.


Miss Vintage Orchid wearing Erstwilder Cursed Cuppa? brooch set.

I also found a little soft spot for this cutie pie, Eerie Eve brooch and although not pictured here, she has a lovely little gentlemen friend known as Hair-Raising Hal brooch. Eve is a cute little pumpkin gal and I kind of want to dress up as her for halloween this year.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Eerie Eve brooch.

Lastly, I absolutely thought this little guy was beyond cute so please meet Does Not Compute brooch. Oddly enough, my favourite part of this brooch is the story card which reads “hello sweetie” if you translate the code (which of course is the first thing I did when I noticed it). There’s nothing better than a little robot friend to keep you company.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder Does Not Compute brooch.

I feel I am completely ready to kick off all my spooky season festivities, crafts, cooking and general tomfoolery. I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to film during the season but I will definitely be making an effort to blog and make a few fun themed posts. This collection has definitely made me excited for the spooky season; it’s full of gorgeous characters, fun themes and wonderfully whimsical pieces. It was a pleasure to work with Erstwilder and Kitschy Witchy and of course Miss Vintage Orchid. It was such a joy to get into the spirit of the season and even though it’s not as elaborate of a shoot as last year, it just just as fun.

If you’d like to shop the collection, please visit the Erstwilder website and remember to be quick as designs sell out super quick.
If you’d like to check out Kitshcy Witchy designs, please go here.
Check out Miss Vintage Orchid here.

If you want to get into the spooky season some more, you can always relive last years Erstwilder Halloween collection here and read all about the behind the scenes fun here which includes how we made all our props.


Photos by Caitlyn Martin.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made. 

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