Erstwilder Bone Brigade Collection 2020

You didn’t think Erstwilder would only release one Halloween collection, did you? Nope, we are back back back again with another Bone Brigade collection featuring brand new boney friends. The collection is now live on the Erstwilder website so make sure you grab your favourites quick before they sell out super quick like last year.


Miss Vintage Orchid and Miss MonMon wearing the Erstwilder Bone Brigade collection 2020

Shooting this collection was a lot of fun especially doing with my pinup partner in crime, Miss Vintage Orchid. We had many laughs whilst shooting and enjoyed browsing the collection. As always, I am sharing with you all some of my favourite pieces from the collection, there were 15 pins and NUMBER brooches in total making it quite the extensive collection.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder’s Tabby Tombstone brooch.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder’s Frightful Fox brooch.


Miss Vintage Orchid wearing Erstwilder’s Grizzly Gruesome brooch.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder’s Doggo Darkness brooch.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder’s Dead-o-saurus Rex brooch.

A collection wouldn’t be complete without the new Erstwilder pins and we are definitely spoilt in this release with 15 pins. Erstwilder has gone back to the beginning of the Bone Brigade saga and turned all past designs into gorgeous little enamel pins. It was a lovely trip down memory lane to see past designs return and once again have a chance to become part of people’s collections. I have shared some of my favourites below.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder’s Hoot and Haunt Enamel Pin.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder’s Unicorn Moon Enamel Pin.


Miss MonMon wearing Erstwilder’s Hell Bound Howler Enamel Pin.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made. 

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