Pre-Wedding Pampering at Cherry Bomb Beauty Parlour

We are super lucky in Perth to have a little hidden gem of a salon known as Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour tucked away and holding a plethora of vintage styling knowledge. Owner Michelle truely has a heart of gold, treats all her customers with care, love and respect and the entire salon can turn anyone into a vintage vixen. I’ve been getting my hair cut at Cherrybomb for about 4 years now and even though I only get one cut a year, I knew there would be no one better to help me with my vintage wedding hair than Michelle and her amazing team. So today in this post, I wanted to go over some of the amazing pampering and beauty treatments I have had done in preparation of my wedding day.


Cherrybomb is located in Lathlaine with out the front free parking. It is open Tuesday to Saturday with services including hair treatements, maintenance, beauty services such as eyebrow, lashes and waxing treatements, massages and much much more on offer. For pinup girls and vintage lovers in Perth, Cherrybomb is a haven of beauty where you can design and create your signature hair style and colour. As someone who has never been brave enough to dye their own hair, I like to live vicariously through pinups with amazing hair colours such as the two faces of Cherrybomb, Miss Vintage Orchid and Miss Lady Lace

One of the greatest parts of the Cherrybomb treatment are all the delicious treats you can be served during your appointment. Upon arrival, you are given a wonderful menu full of delicious treats which also includes vegan options. I have had everything from the salted caramel mousse, chips with hummus dip, sticky date puddings and my absolute favourite, Japanese Cotton Cheesecake. Everything is made fresh my Michelle with so much love and it’s one of the best parts of the Cherrybomb experience. 

Cherrybomb is also a sustainable salon who partners with the greatest salon recycling program in the Southern Hemisphere. They are proud that up to 95% of the things used for services is recycled and/or repurposed. Cherrybomb also offers beauty packages and memberships for those seeking regular treatements to maintain and pamper themselves more often. Memberships include those seeking regular hair, lash and eyebrow treatements and range from weekly, monthly to yearly ranges. It’s a great way to keep up a beauty routine, take some time out and save on costs. 

Cherrybomb use some very high end products from brands such as Muk and CPR. I have been getting the detoxing treatment to help strip my hair of unnecessary build up and to get rid of anything that can weigh down my hair. Its certainly made a huge different and I find that my hair has more volume and looks so much shinier. I’ve learnt that my hair is pretty healthy and that with the right products, I can finally master my favourite vintage styles. For a while now I have been using Poison Apple setting spray which is the main styling product used at Cherrybomb. I am super happy with this as it shows two small businesses working together to build each other up and it once again shows how much Cherrybomb loves their community. Furthermore, Cherrybomb is a frequent sponsor and supporter of local vintage and pinup events which simply makes my heart sing.


Lash Lift and Tint
So I’ve been thinking about getting lash extentions for a while but after seeing enough horror stories and videos shared online I was a bit put off. But when I heard Cherrybomb offers a lash lift, I knew I could trust them. My treatment was done by Mandy who explained the process really clearly and was very gentle throughout. My lashes were tinted and curled to perfection and it made me feel as though I was wearing falsies. I normally like dark lashes and the colour I had put on was exactly the right shade. 
The treatement lasts up to 12 weeks and you are free to go about your daily makeup and cleansing routine without fear of damaging your lashes. As your lashes normally grow out, so will the curl but this is a treatement I definitely want to keep up with. 

Let’s share an embarassing truth, I’ve never had my eyebrows done. Ever. Yep, my caterpillars are big, bushy and proud of it but eventually the nagging of Miss Vintage Orchid got to me and I thought I’d finally let someone tame the brows and who better than Cherrybomb. Mandy took full control of my brows which included a wax, mapping and a henna tint. I was a little nervous and had an irrational fear of walking out with those weird tadpole eyebrows from the 90s but alas, Mandy mapped out my brows to suit my face shape and tinted them perfectly. 
At first they were very dark but of course, after about two days they were absolutely perfect. I love my new eyebrows and if you’re in Perth wanting to get your brows done, look no further than Cherrybomb. 

Massage – Baby Come Back
It’s been a long time since I had a proper massage and after a very stressful week, it was the perfect way to spend a few minutes. I’m quite use to very hard massages which work on my knots with great intent but this was was a lot softer and far more gentle. I felt super relaxed the whole time and for the first time, could have easily fallen asleep whilst getting a massage. Infact, I was a bit sad when it ended because I never wanted it end. If you are after a calm and relaxing massage, the Baby Come Back Massage is perfect for you. 

Indian Scalp Massage
Holy smokes this was the greatest thing ever. Head massages are my favourite thing and I normally end up pulling some sort of silly face with my mouth gaping open and my eyes rolled back into my skull. I had to really hold back with this one but trust me, it was not easy. The massage started with some essential oils (I chose lavender to aid my migraine) and then I got the best hair brushing session of my life. After, my head massage commensed and I was in absolute heaven; I think at one stage I almost started purring. I left the massage room feeling like I was floating on a cloud. My headache was truely buffed away and if given a pillow, I would have been asleep within seconds. 

Hand Jive
This mini treatement was such a treat and it made me realise it really had been a while since I had properly looked after myself. I had my nails shaped, buffed and conditioned so they looked absolutely beautiful. Now I naturally keep my nails long so I chose to get them shaped into a soft point. After, I was treated to a very hydrating hand and arm massage which was abolsutely heavenly. 

Another part of my pre-wedding pampering included getting my hair trimmed and put back into a middi-cut to help with my vintage styling but I thought for now, I’d focus on all the wonderful treatments Cherrybomb has to offer. Perth is so lucky to have a one-stop-vintage beauty shop which of course, can make you feel like a vintage vixen or a modern-age bombshell. Throughout my wedding planning, Cherrybob has been a great source of self-care, pampering and calm as I have had a chance to plan, relax and switch off during many of my treatements. I also had my hair styled for my bridal shower and I felt completely amazing (I will be sharing photos soon!).

If you are needing to destress, take some time out or are wanting to try something new with your look, the team at Cherrybomb are there to help. I have never felt pressured into anything, I always feel listened to in terms of what I am wanting and it’s one of the few places where you ask for “just a trim” and you don’t walk out looking like Britney after her meltdown. After all of these treatments, I feel relaxed enough and prepared enough to be a calm bride on my big day. I plan on continuing my eyebrow and eye lash maintenance as well as treating myself to an Indian Scalp massage as often as I can.

Cherrybomb will be taking care of myself and my bridal party on my big day and I cannot wait to see the hair mastery they perform on all of us. Until then, I’ll just leave you to book your next appointment.



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