Erstwilder Peanuts Collection Review

When I first caught wind that Erstwilder will be releasing a collection in collaboration with Peanuts, I squealed very loudly in front of the computer out of pure joy. I absolutely love Peanuts; I love the characters, the art style, the stories and how relatable the characters are. But of course, I absolutely adore Snoopy and his best pals Charlie Brown and Woodstock. Growing up with the stories through film and comic form, this collection was already really special to me and I’m so glad to be able to share my favourite pieces with you all.
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Miss MonMon wearing Time to Dance brooch from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

Let’s start with man’s best friend, Snoopy. A charming and cheeky little beagle with a heart of gold and sense for adventure. There was no way I could choose just one depiction of Snoopy from this collection but my favourite was hands down Snoopy having a little dance. He just looks so joyful and happy! It’s how I feel when I dance too.
I am absolutely amazed at the way the resin has been put together to depict the characters exactly how they look in the comics. The scribbled etchings and details look so real and I can’t tell if they are painted onto the resin or printed on. I love how Erstwilder managed to catch Snoopy’s happiness in this brooch and it sure makes me want to dance when I wear it.

Miss MonMon wearing Time to Dance brooch from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

Of course, wherever Snoopy is, Charlie Brown is never too far behind. For me, Charlie Brown is one of the characters I relate to the most out of every literary work I have come across. He doesn’t always win, things constantly go wrong, he isn’t the greatest at anything, but he is still loved and accepted. Sure he can be the butt of some jokes but he never is hurtful to anyone and has a special way of making people see the good in all things great and small.
To depict Charlie, I chose the ‘Charlie Brown and Snoopy’ as I loved the friendship it depicted between the two characters. I love the expressions that the brooches capture and the details that have gone into the characters. I love this depiction of joy and friendship and as someone who hasn’t gotten everything right in terms of friendship, this brooch reminds me that good friends will stick by you through thick and thin.

Miss MonMon wearing Snoopy and Charlie Brown brooch from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

As someone who has always loved writing and sharing stories and thoughts, I had to get this very cute depiction of Snoopy on his typewriter entitled, ” World Famous Author”. Now it may not have been a dark and story night when I saw this brooch for the first time but it was love at first sight. Firstly, I was surprised to find that the brooch was done in two parts; Snoopy and then his typewriter. I am happy these pieces are separate as it means you can wear them as collar clips or layered on your outfits.

This brooch is particularly charming in it’s style, size and versatility. This is such a classic image of Snoopy and I don’t know if anyone remembers when Hungry Jacks released Snoopy mugs, but when I was a kid, both my dad and my grandad had the Snoopy mug with Snoopy typing so this is a very special image to me.

Miss MonMon wearing World Famous Author brooch from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

There are so many great characters from the Peanut gang that I really struggle to have a favourite. I love how each character has a particular quirk and something unique that makes them recognisable (eg. Marcie always calls Peppermint Patty “Sir”, and Sally is madly in love with Linus and refers to him as “sweet baboo”).
I knew I had to get a special character and I’m so glad I ended up with Lucy and Schroeder. Lucy is a bit bossy, a bit over the top dramatic and she loves being in charge… she is basically my niece. But that means that she has a very deep sweet side to her and she knows when to gives others a voice. As a young girl, I was inspired by Lucy to have a voice, an opinion and to see that girls could be in charge. Of course, I love how she also uses her assertive attitude to give advice at her Psych booth for the affordable price of 5cents.

Miss MonMon wearing Lucy Van Pelt brooch from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

Secondly, I had to get her love interest, Schroeder. Schroeder loves two things, his piano and Beethoven. To see a character who was quiet, smart and have a non physical interest (eg. some sort of sport), I found him very relatable. I wasn’t a loud kid and I certainly had some very odd quirks of knowledge… I mean, Shakespeare was my homeboy and I can still talk about him for hours.

Miss MonMon wearing Schroeder brooch from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

Of course, even Snoopy has a partner in crime, and no one could ask for a better feathered friend than Woodstock. A curious and darling little yellow bird with a big attitude and a full heart. I chose to have Woodstock immortalised in dangle earring form and think the size of the character is perfect. I am stunned by the bold yellow colouring and the details that are in the piece; it truly is of high quality and even though I’ve not worn earrings for a while, these earrings are certainly going to get lots of wear.

Miss MonMon wearing Woodstock Drop Earring from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

My final brooch from this collection was another classic Snoopy image; that of him fast asleep on top of his dog house. I’ve always thought the bright red dog house was such an iconic image from the cartoon so when I saw it in brooch form, I knew it was not to be missed. I also love how the image is so bright and the pop of red is perfect. This entire brooch, at least to me, feels so calm, comforting and adorable. I will treasure this brooch for a very long time.

Miss MonMon wearing Nap Time brooch from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

To compliment the collection, Erstwilder and Peanuts also created scarves and enamel pins. As someone who loves a good scarf, the most difficult thing was deciding on a pattern. I love the pattern on this Snoopy Floral long scarf; it’s very subtle Snoopy so I think you could definitely get away with wearing it if you want to embrace your inner Snoopy lover but be a bit quiet about it. I thought the colouring was also very sweet and soft.

Miss MonMon wearing Snoopy Floral Neck Scarf from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

Next was the Snoopy and Woodstock pattern which is giving me so many Valentines vibes. I love the pattern with the prink background and how the characters are depicted. I thought the hearts were really charming and reminded me of how Snoopy and Woodstock both think that love can sometimes be yucky but also lovely.

Miss MonMon wearing Snoopy and Woodstock Head Scarf from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

To wrap up my favourites from this collection; let’s look at the two pins I received. Firstly was Snoopy’s Big Heart which made me say “awww” really loudly and then want to hug Brian my cat. Everyone loves a hug and this little pin is totally adorable, sweet and charming. I decided to wear the pin in a different way to just pinning it to my bodice, so I attached it to my pink heart beret which was hand made and gifted to me by my pinup bestie, Miss Vintage Orchid.

Miss MonMon wearing Snoopy’s Big Heart Enamel Pin from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

By wearing this beret, which was made with so much love, it really made me love these two pins even more. Although they are small, they have a great big message all about love and friendship. My second brooch was Snoopy’s Warm Hug which is exactly how friendship should feel; like a great big hug.

Miss MonMon wearing Snoopy’s Warm Hug Enamel Pin from the Erstwilder Peanuts Collection.

What an absolute gorgeous collection. I dont know how Erstwilder managed to capture the innocence and sweetness of the entire Peanuts gang in resin but they did and it’s truly a magical outcome. I love how the pieces look just like the original characters and even though the pieces were all in plain resin, it made it more true to the images I had grown up with. Erstwilder has really managed to capture and share the joy and love that is so engrained into the Peanut’s gang and any fan of the stories will love this collection.

I cannot get enough Snoopy into my life so this collection has quickly risen to my top Erstwilder releases of all time. Yep, I loved it that much. I’m so glad to have been a part of this release and it was the perfect thing to come back to after planning a stressful wedding and the epic glitter crash that followed. If you are wanting any of the pieces here, or others from the collection, I’d recommend you go to Erstwilder’s site or their stockists straight away as such collections can sell out very quick. Don’t hesitate and just get that brooch! I give you full permission!


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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