Modern Day Black Pinups You Should Know

February is Black History Month and throughout this month we have been sharing topics in order to share, educate and embrace figures from history who may not have gotten the recognition they deserved due to their skin colour. We have discussed iconic black figures who brought about significant change, vintage black celebrities who were iconic and influential and last week, we covered some vintage black pinups and burlesque artists that you should know. In our final instalment of this mini series (don’t worry, we will be back next year with more topics as well as a few surprises throughout the year), we are covering some modern day black pinups that you should know. This series is a conscious effort on my part to use my platform to share, embrace and inform others of amazing black figures both past and present. I don’t think anyone needs ‘saving’, especially not from someone like me, but I do want to show love and support to all within the vintage and pinup community regardless of their skin colour.

Miss Tammi Savoy
I have followed this gorgeous girl on Instagram for a very long time and her talents, intelligence, beautiful heart and warm nature are all something we should strive to be ourselves. She is also an amazing singer so check out her videos and social media.

Princess Calaveraa
This amazing woman is full of talent, poise, beauty and skills. Featured on the covers of many pinup magazines, she is the current Miss Viva Las Vegas Runner Up 22 and is a unique combination of modern pinup and sexy spooky.

Angelique Noire
Oh to be this beautiful in life would be a dream. This gorgeous girl has the most stunning vintage style but also wears vintage and her reproductions in a very unique way. She’s a darling as well!

Lady Eccentik B
If curves could kill, we’d all be in trouble. This absolutely stunning lady, is a key figure in the vintage community and pinup world; she works with many prestigious brand and her styling is to die for.

Brown Paper Dolli
This gorgeous girl is an absolute mega babe and should be followed immediately!

Miss Melanin Monroe
Ok, hands down this is the cutest pinup you’ll find for quite a while. This gorgeous girls styles her hair so beautiful using and embracing it’s natural texture. She’s seriously adorable and loves sharing great history rid-bits and information.

Miss Sweet Black
Emphasis on the word, “Sweet”. This gorgeous pinup is not only clever, funny and down to Earth, but she is so so beautiful on the inside. She leaves the sweetest comments, is super supportive and an all around dear friend.

Absolutely one of the kindest people you will ever meet, this stunning babe is also wickedly talented with her sewing skills. She can turn any vintage image into a wearable dream outfit. She has a beautiful family and her smile lights up a room.

The Hepburn Movement
I don’t understand why this pinup doesn’t have a million followers. Not only is she super sweet, amazingly talented, has such a gorgeous style, does wicked Disneybounding outfits and Disney trips, she is also just a kind and beautiful soul. Following her will bring you much joy.

Jenny Rieu
Caution: Curves Ahead. The queen of curves, glamour and vintage lovelies is Jenny Rieu. She’s been a pinup and vintage enthusiast for many years and her style evolution is legendary.

Miss Shell Bell
There is no way we could skip this gorgeous pinup. The current Miss Viva Las Vegas 22 winner, she is a fury of gorgeousness, kindness and joy. She is humble, sweet and really a beautiful person. You will not regret giving her a follow.

My life got so much more bright the day I found this lady on Instagram. She is one you should definitely follow and she is also works with The Vintage Woman Magazine! Oh how exciting!

Bluegrass Kas
Holy smokes no one should legally allowed to be this beautiful. With legs for days and styling skills that will leave you hot and heavy, this goddess is also a calendar girl for July 2021. We can’t wait to flip to that page.

The Pinup Doll – Tannie
This stunning pinup gives off such strong Disney Princess vibes it’s simply ridiculous. Her joy, sweetness and kindness resinate off her face and her smile can melt any heart. I wish I could be in her world.

There is no way I could ever include all the amazing pinups of colour there are in the world and I know I’ve barely scraped the surface. I will definitely continue this list very soon so make sure you come back soon. Other great accounts on Instagram that you should follow can be found at @pinupofcolour . Go and follow all of these ladies, give them love, support and listen to their stories.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

3 thoughts on “Modern Day Black Pinups You Should Know

  1. Phil says:

    Miss Tammi Savoy, not only beautiful, but with a singing voice like velvet. I could sit and listen to it all day. Lovely article you’ve written here.


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