My Vintage Wedding: Ceremony

When we last discussed my little vintage wedding, I was just about to walk down the aisle. It’s about time I continued on with my tale so today I am sharing everything there is to know about the wedding ceremony itself. So let’s begin at the top of the aisle; I heard the music start, we chose Peter Gabriel’s ‘Book of Love’, and one by one, my bridesmaids walked down the aisle.

Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

I remember that each bridesmaid looked back at me right before they began their walk and all we could do was quietly whispers cheers of love as they vanished from sight. Despite appearance, I’m not a hugely traditional person so I thought I would keep my bridal party a bit interesting. Now honestly, flower girls are a weird concept to me. Why does a bride need a child dressed as a bride to sprinkle petals for her to walk on? Nope, not necessary, I’m not doing it. Until my niece begged to be the flower girl. Instead, my niece held the iPad with my fourth bridesmaid on it and we dressed her in a cute gold toned dress which she loved twirling in.

When it came time to choose my bridal party, I actually found it very difficult as there are so many people I truly love and cherish. I was very sad when I realised one of my best friends couldn’t fit in the bridal squad so I wracked my brain as to what role he could have on the day. Then it hit me, he can be the flower “girl”. And that is how I ended up with a 6 foot something “flower sprinkle bitch” with the nickname “Tree”, and may I say, he did an amazing job. We even got his a little corsage with baby’s breath so he matched our wedding party a little bit more. I hope that there will be more wedding with a ‘flower person’ where age does not define them. I remember hearing giggles from the crowd as he began throwing petals which made me break out of my hiding place just to see him fulfil his role. What a champ.

Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

Before I knew it, it was my turn to finally walk down the aisle so, with my father wrapped around my arm, I was lead down the aisle. There were so many smiling faces and it was a little overwhelming; I didn’t know who to look at and it was quite difficult not to be able to wave or run in for a hug! But then I saw my partner, in a blubbering mess, at the end of the aisle and all I wanted to do was to be in his arms. I made it to the end of the aisle without stacking it, I hugged my Dad and then held onto my partners hands after I was ‘unveiled’ and fluffed by my bridesmaids.

Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

My partner eventually calmed down enough for us to begin our ceremony. Our celebrant, Anne Miller, was an absolute sweetheart for our ceremony. She was very personable, made us laugh, made my partner cry even more and shared our story perfectly. I took a few moments to scan the crowd and see so many dear friends looking back, I was so glad they could be there for our big moment. I had Laura, one of my dear bridesmaids, read a exert from Corinthians as I wanted a little bit of my religious upbringing to be in the ceremony as I know that certain family members would have preferred me to wed in a church.

We wrote our own vows to each other and my partner read his first to me. This was a strange moment as I was trying to make sure he felt supported so I would gently squeeze his hand but I was a bit overwhelmed it was difficult to focus on what he was saying. Since the ceremony, I have read our vows again which were very sweet; they were filled with love, laughter and many future promises. When it came to my own vows, I only got nervous about half way through and then I started shaking which is pretty on brand for me. I’m not going to share our vows here but just know that I made him cry even more and then laugh all over again. We even booped each others snoots.

Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.
Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.
Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

I was a little nervous about putting the rings on as when my anxiety is high, I can drop things and get a bit clumsy. I did have to help my partner put my ring on as he used an odd angle but putting his on was also a struggle due to large knuckles. Alas, we got them on and I couldn’t be happier with how the turned out. We really enjoyed ring shopping and met some very lovely and knowledgable people who were such a help. If you are looking for a ring, talk to Alex from Michael Hills in Booragoon, she is a doll!

Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

Finally, we were officially declared husband and wife, we shared our first kiss as a married couple and of course went in for seconds for a ‘Hollywood kiss’ which only got my lipstick all over him but it made us very happy.

Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

We then signed our paperwork to make our wedding official and during this time, we had the songs ‘Lucky Stars‘ by Lucy Spraggan and ‘I love you till the end’ by The Pogues playing as these songs both fit our theme, our mood and have stories attached to each of them. After I had signed I stayed seated as our best man and maid of honour signed as witnesses. I could finally wave and smile with my guests which was basically a game of charades and lots of excited hand flapping. I remember laughing with guests, blowing kisses and making heart shapes with my hands without realising a camera was pointed at me so enjoy me going full dork.

Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

Once we returned to the top of the aisle, we held hands and were showered with petals as we walked together down the aisle. We made sure to play the song, ‘I feel so close’ by Calvin Harris as this song was a very pivotal moment in our relationship and meant a great deal to us both. It was fun to have a quick dance down the aisle and it was a lovely way to take our first steps as husband and wife. At the end of the aisle, we shared a bit of a cuddle and a mini dance with our bridal party before we greeted and thanked all our guests for attending. I’m so glad Perth was safe from Covid so we were allowed to hug each other and it was lovely to see and say hello to everyone.

Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.
Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

Once the guests were greeted, we were lead to the top of the stairs where we cut our cake. Now I know a lot of people cut the cake towards the middle of the reception but we decided to do it earlier as the lighting would be better and it would give the guests something to nibble on whilst we got our photos. We ordered our cake from Takes the Cake who were a dream to work with. We had a three tier cake made up of a top tier of chocolate mud cake, a middle tier of white chocolate and passionfruit and a bottom tier of salted caramel. It was decorated to look like a mixture of rippled marble and a galaxy; our cake decorator did such an amazing job and I loved all the pops of gold. Our cake topper was kindly created by Daisy Jean Floral and it’s one of my favourite keep sakes from the wedding. We wanted something simple and dainty so we went with a glitter ripple resin moon shape.

Miss MonMon’s wedding. Photo by Mel Silva.

Now came time for taking photos. I think I will leave that for it’s own blog as this one will just become a mile long. So I will leave you with some delicious cake, a huge grazing table and stunning music played by Aquila. Until next time dear readers!

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