How to Wash Your Hair Brush and Comb

Alrighty, we’ve survived the vision of my dirty hair curlers so it’s only fair that I now share my dirty hair brushes and combs. This post might be gross, but we’re all friends here and I know you won’t judge me, but, my hair brushes get really gross really quickly. If you style your hair as much as I do, you will be well aware that product quickly builds up on the bristles of you brush and it looks gross, your brush can get sticky and it’s probably full of dead skin, hair and bacteria.

If we can clean up the mess that was 2020, we can clean up our hair brushes too; such a perfect way to start the new year. I used to wash my hair brushes once a month but I kind of got lazy and let it go a little bit. But here we are and together I will show you how I clean my gross hair brushes and comb and how I get rid off all that product buildup.

Step One: Remove the Hair
I first start by pulling out all the old hair trapped in the brush. If I can’t remove the hair with my fingers, I will use a pair of scissors and cut the hair out being very careful not to cut the bristles.

Step Two: Prepare your Brush Bath
Start by filling a tub (or your sink) with warm water and add some shampoo to the water flow (I just used some hotel shampoo which I had laying around). I’ve heard some people adding Baking Soda to the water but I have never tried this for myself.
The material of you brush will now change how you clean your brushes in the water. For plastic brushes, you are free to submerge the brush for around 5 minutes in the water. Feel free to swirl the brush/comb around a bit to start loosening the product build up a little bit. Wooden brushes should not be submerged but the bristles themselves can be dunked and swirled around.

Step Three: Scrub scrub scrub
If your brush is as gross as mine, it’s time to grab and old clean toothbrush, put a bit of shampoo on the bristles and scrub your hair brush bristles clean. Take your time doing this to make sure you get as much product off your brush and gently dip it in the water tub every few minutes to help cleanse.

Step Four: Rinse
Once you’re happy with your brush, run it under some cool water and dry it in a towel. You can also swing your brush around to get rid off excess water.

Step Five: Dry
Place your brush in a sunny spot for a few hours to full dry.

You should now have a very clean hair brush and comb ready for daily use. It’s important to try and keep your hair brushes as clean as possible. Product build up and stop your brush being effective, it can deliver dirt into your hair, coat the hair in grime and become sticky and ruin your hair styling. As a pinup, our hair is pretty important to us so that also means we need to do a lot of work behind the scenes and keep our products clean. I hope this simple tutorial works well for you and your brushes come out squeaky clean.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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