Anuha Yellow Shoe Review – Honiara Vintage

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, summer is just around the corner so it’s time to put away the cardigans and pull out the sandals just in time for the warm weather. You may remember a little while ago we reviewed the Honiara Makira shoes which were a pinup shoe perfect for the hot weather. Well, just in time for another summer, Honiara has just released it’s second shoe design and this one is simply summertime perfection. Today we will be reviewing the Anuha shoe in yellow.

Incase you need a recap on who Honiara Vintage is; Honiara Vintage was inspired by living an eternal summer dream through tropical designs inspired by the family heritage of the owners. According to their website, Honiara Vintage highlight the importance of ethics behind such a company and mention that they manufacture their shoes with the same boutique factory in China that they have worked with since day one. Predominantly serving Australian brands, the factory is operated by a small, young and forward-thinking team who Charlie Stone and Honiara Vintage have worked closely with over the years to perfect their designs and ways of working to minimise impact to the environment. They love working with them because of their commitment to maintaining excellence in their work environment, worker conditions and wages, focus on quality and ‘slow manufacturing’ (rather than fast mass productions that create a lot of waste), and consistent updating of equipment and manufacturing techniques to minimise impact on the environment. 

The shoes arrived packaged in their delightful pink box and with a dust bag containing the shoes inside. The shoes had some tissue paper stuffed inside to ensure the shoes keep their shape and extra wrapping around the the buckles to stop them scratching and scuffing during transport. Honiara are very particular about their impact on the environment and their carbon footprint so they have reduced 48% of paper packaging versus the traditional way of packing shoes, only using recycled tissue paper where absolutely necessary to protect the shoes. They also do their best to package all orders in fully compostable mailing bags from (who also plant trees in Indonesia on our behalf when we order from them!), or recycled cartons.

Now, let’s move on the shoes themselves. The Anuha shoes come in three pastel colours; pink, blue and yellow so they are perfect for those pastel summer vibes. The Anuha shoe is a sweet and pastel open toe with a tie bow front and sensibly sturdy heel keeping you elevated but comfortable at 5.5cm high. Honiara states that “whether you’re going for a tropical tiki look, 1940’s summer or sweet-like-sundaes 50’s style, the Anuha is there for you every step of the way!”. The Anuha is described as best for regular to wide width feet which is perfect for me as my feet have been damaged after years of dancing. The shoe itself is made up of quality soft vegan-friendly faux leather upper and lining and a man-made sole. The shoe is attached with a quick buckle fastening which makes putting the shoes on and taking them off really quick and easy.

I have worn these shoes a few times for varying lengths of time. The first time I found them a little tight but by the third time they were soft, comfortable and I swear I could have worn them all day. With most faux-leather shoes they may take a few wears to widen and soften a little bit so I do recommend wearing stockings to prevent any blisters forming. I did at times find my smallest toe would peep out of the little side slits of the shoe but it was only in the first three times of wear. Now that my shoes have stretched, they are super comfortable and easy to style. Honestly, I had to flip a coin to finally agree on the yellow colour because I wanted all of the pastel goodness. I think I will eventually acquire all the colours because they really do go with everything in my summer wardrobe. I find the heel length and thickness very comfortable and I wasn’t sinking into the lawn whenever I walked around.

I am really looking forward to summer and rocking these shoes whenever I can. If you haven’t already checked out Honiara Vintage, I highly recommend them and you will not be disappointed. If you’d like to check out the video review I made for the Makira shoes, I have linked that here.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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