Making a Vintage Christmas Tree Hat – 1950’s Festive Crafting

I sometimes get worried when I receive a message from a friend saying “I saw this and thought of you” as it really could mean a lot of things; the other week I received two different images/illustrations of a lady with a towering mini Christmas tree on her head. Oh my gosh I can see why my friends thought I would love it. With a little extra research, I discovered that although there are a few vintage illustrations of ladies with festive shrubs on their heads, there are a photographs of real ladies with similar headwear. I couldn’t find any evidence of Christmas Tree hats being a huge things so I’m assuming it was a quick trend that didn’t last very long. Regardless, I think they are adorable and charming so let’s make one!


-Styrofoam cone
-Base: eg. I used an old foam coaster but you can use cardboard
-Hot glue gun with glue
-Tree topper of choice


-Using your hot glue gun, add a line of glue around the top of the cone and glue down your tinsel. Continue glueing down your tinsel until your cone is completely covered.
-Cut a piece of ribbon thats large enough to tie around your head and a bow under your chin. Find the centre point of your ribbon and glue it to the bottom of your cone.
-Cut a piece of cardboard or coaster (whatever your bottom covering material is) just slightly smaller than your cones bottom. Glue your cardboard to the bottom of your cone, sandwiching the ribbon.
-Using your hot glue, attach baubles and other decorations to your cone. Add a small tree topper to the top of your cone.
-You’re done!

This is a super simple little Christmas project and would be great if you are doing a Grinch/Who costume, wanting to jazz it up at a Christmas party or if you just wanna make a ridiculous head piece for a fabulous Christmas outfit. I’ve paired this Christmas head piece with a Christmas dress I sewed a few years ago and I think it looks really cute. I can imagine those puffy babydoll princess dresses that are super trendy on Instagram right now looking cute with this.

Like with any tutorial, you can adapt this idea to suit your own ideas, personalities and styles. You can do a traditional Christmas look with green tinsel and gold and red baubles, or perhaps a cute silver with metallic baubles. I’d also love to find some sea foam/mint coloured tinsel and add white baubles for a bit of a 60’s space age feel. There really is no limit! I certainly would love to make a few of these so gather some friends and have some fun.

I have to admit, this project is completely bonkers but it’s just so much fun and sometimes we all need a little laugh. I will definitely wear this around the house as I get into the festive spirit and if I’m feeling super brave, I might wear it out to look at Christmas lights.

During this project, I found that turning your hair into a Christmas tree was apparently a trend a few years ago (no idea how I missed this). I suppose you can do a similar method (minus the hot glue), by pinning a cone (or even a drink bottle) to your head and wrapping your hair up and around it. I do like the overall concept of having a Christmas tree on your head, it certainly has a very Grinch-y vibe about it.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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