How to Get Out of a Sewing Block

We’ve all heard of writers block but as any creative knows, there are many different types of creative blocks including sewing block. If you love a certain type of craft, you might suddenly find that one day, nothing inspires you to create and anything you do create just isn’t as good as you’d like it to be. A creative block can last a couple of day, weeks or months and sometimes even years. It’s quite a normal thing to happen but it can be frustrating, effect your mental health or leave you feeling exhausted. As a mental health professional, I hear people battle creative blocks often so today I wanted to share some causes of creative blocks and how to overcome them through the lense of sewing.

Causes of Sewing Block

It happens to many of us, you’re enjoying your sewing, you have heaps of projects in mind and you’re loving the process when one day, just nothing. No motivation, no inspiration and no good results. But what causes such a creative block? Most creative blocks are causes through internal factors rather than external. Factors such as self doubt, repeated rejections, comparison to others, creative burnout and personal problems can all contribute to sewing block. When any of these factors come up, it’s important to not get frustrated at yourself or put more pressure on yourself and to take time out to relax as you recover your sewing mojo.
I have certainly suffered from sewing block where I felt no inspiration or motivation to sew and if I did have to sew for a shoot, it was always the same simple pattern with no creative flare or pizazz. My sewing block lasted about a year and trust me when I say, it’s absolutely sucked. I’d look at my fabrics and sewing patterns but feel no inspiration or want to create. If you are experiencing sewing block or a creative block of any kind, know you are not alone and the block will eventually pass.

How to Overcome Sewing Block

-Take time out
By removing the pressure to create and taking time out for yourself, you can refresh your mind and creativity. I highly recommend stopping your usual routine, taking things really slow and easy and having a good break. This can mean a mini holiday or weekend away, switching off social media, spending time with friends or family or even taking time to engage in other interests. It’s worth taking time out from your usual daily routine and removing yourself from as much stress as you can. It’s totally ok to vege out on the couch and binge watch k-dramas on Netflix for a whole weekend with a friend.

Taking time out also means having some ‘me time’. If you’re overwhelmed with all your projects, taking a proper break can be just what you need. If you’re feeling burned out, make some time for yourself to really switch off from sewing and give yourself some quality time to do other things.

-Engage in other activities that inspire or excite you
This is the time to engage in your other hobbies, interests and activities. By really taking time out from sewing, you can find that inspiration may strike, you will start to feel refreshed and the other activities you take part in may spark joy, excitement and inspiration.

-Collect new inspiration
When it comes to sewing block, sometimes finding a really exciting piece of inspiration can really boost your motivation. After taking some time out, look through social media, blogs, pinterest or some of your favourite brands to find a new project. This is the time to start collecting materials for that one project you’ve always wanted to do, or to start learning that new sewing skill you’ve been putting off such as learning how to use boning, or sewing a gown or sewing with a new material such as linen or silk.

-Time for Self Care
I know I preach the importance of self care a lot on this blog but it really does help. By taking time out to really look after yourself and do things just for you. This can be taking a long bath, going for a walk, doing some skincare or meditation. I have many blogs on self care here, here and here.

-Talk to someone
We humans are social creatures, and as much as other humans suck, taking time out to talk to someone who cares can really make a big difference. Talk to someone you trust who will listen, give good advice and help inspire you to get back into sewing. In saying that, if your sewing block get’s really bad and it is causing stress and anguish, it’s ok to contact a therapist or mental health professional.

If you are struggling from sewing or any other kind of creative block, hang in there. The block is just a way of your mental state telling you that you may need a change or a break. The break won’t last forever and it’s a great chance to find new inspiration and take some time for yourself. If you’ll allow me to get personal, one of my go-to movies when I’m feeling creatively blocked is the 1989 Studio Ghibli film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Watching Kiki struggle to find her magic after burnout makes me feel less alone and the wisdom her friend Ursula shares has always resonated with me. It’s a wonderful film so give it a watch.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


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