High Tea at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore Review

A ladies High Tea is always a special occasion and a time to really enjoy with your gal pals; you chit-chat about all topics under the sun, drink copious amounts of tea and treat yourselves to delicious tiny delicacies and tasty treats. I’ve always treasured High Tea times with friends so on a recent trip to incredible Singapore, I knew it was time to experience one of the best High Teas available, High Tea at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. For something a little bit different on my blog, I wanted to share my experiences with you, just in case it’s something you have been thinking about doing for yourself.

My friend Laura and I booked our High Tea at The Raffles about two months out from our intended arrival at Singapore. I highly recommend doing the same for all those wanting to book themselves as the hotel has limited spots, a time limit to dine and book out rather quickly. The booking process was pretty straightforward and can be done by visiting the Raffles Hotel website. You do need to pay a deposit to secure your booking and need to pay said deposit within an hour of sending in the booking notification. You don’t need to worry about bringing a printout of your booking when your tea day arrives as everything the staff need is on their computer. Laura and I booked our high tea for a 1pm time slot giving us dining time till 2:30 and we went on a weekday.

When our High Tea day arrived, we spent the morning exploring Fort Canning and then walked over to the Raffles Hotel. Singapore has a great public transport system so you can catch the underground train quite close to the Raffles Hotel but you will still need to walk a little bit from the station. Don’t worry, there are no hills but give yourself plenty of time so you can take the walk nice and easy in the heat. There are shops, cafes and convenience stores along the way if you need a drink before your intended arrival; even we stopped for a cup of tea. Yes, we pre-drink tea before a high tea because that’s just how we roll. Upon arriving to the Raffles Hotel, you will be greeted by quite the glorious white building which is rather magnificent. Door staff welcome you and assist you to the check in counter where once you are checked off of a High Tea list, you are asked to wait in the foyer. Take this time to soak in the grander of the location, the stunning chandelier above the lobby and all the delights of the location you will be dining in. It’s absolutely worth saying that High Tea is not just for ladies; there were all sorts of groups from friends with kids, just males and mixed gender couples so anyone is welcome to enjoy a high tea.

When it was finally our time to dine, we were escorted to our table which was beautifully laid out. We were seated and then two little stools were brought out so we could rest our bags on it without having to put them on the floor. This was a rather lovely gesture as it keeps your bags clean but unfortunately for us and our travel backpacks, it just highlighted them so we tried to hide them under our seats and skirts as best we could. We were given a tea menu that had a great selection of premium teas, some of which were included in the High Tea price whilst other were an extra addition to the cost. There were also champagnes and wines to choose from which were also an additional cost. Our teas were then brought out and poured for us; the teapot was left at our table so we could refill as needed.

If you have any dietary requirements or requests, you can alert the staff upon your original booking and it’s worth reminding the staff on the day as well. We did have a dietary requirement we highlighted and the staff were more than happy to cater to it which was very helpful for us. Whilst waiting for our delicious treats to arrive, my friend and I enjoyed the atmosphere, the decorations and honestly just took a moment to appreciate where we were and be very grateful that we had the privilege of having such a delightful experience. We know that such an experience is not something everyone can have so we were very thankful for it.

At last, our treat tower arrived. As is traditional with most High Tea’s, our treat tray had three layers adorned with scones of two various kinds, sandwiches and then a selection of dainty desserts all of which looked incredibly delectable. We were recommended to start with the scones as they were freshly baked and still warm; one was plain and the other had fruit in it both of which were served with clotted cream and fresh rose petal jam. I honestly could have eaten a mountain of these scones as they were soft, delicious and melted in your mouth with the addition of the cream and jam. It made me want to go home and make more scones because it’s honestly been a while. The next portion of treats we moved onto were the sandwiches of which there were five kinds; chicken on whole grain bread, tuna on wholemeal, egg salad on white bread, salmon on squid ink bread and egg curry on curry bread. I couldn’t decide which sandwich I liked the most as they were all really tasty, light and fresh. I was most impressed with the curry bread as it’s something I’d never had before and the curry flavour was perfect with egg curry. I also really enjoyed the tuna and chicken bread which were really delicious and light mixtures. To be fair, it’s quite hard to choose just one favourite sandwich so I’m just going to say try them all.

Now, the treats. I may not be able to exactly recall what each treat was as there were 5 different delicacies but I will do my best. Starting at the middle layer of the treat tower were three of the desserts; a profiterole, a strawberry guava dessert and for memory a mango layered dessert. The profiterole was light, creamy and had a delicious pistachio flavour. I remember some fruity flavours in the middle but can’t remember exactly what they were but just know they were a delight. This was the first dessert I tried before moving on to the layered mango treat. I remember this one having quite a tropical fruit profile which was quite sweet and tart; I loved the contrast of flavours and really enjoyed this dessert. I feel sad for not remembering exactly what it was so my apologies (I felt rude writing things down but struggled to remember because there was so much happening around me). The final dessert was a gorgeous guava and strawberry treat which was just too pretty to eat, well almost. Inside a biscuit base were fruity and creamy layers all topped with a gorgeous peach tones dome and edible sugar flower. The craftsmanship that went into this dessert alone made it a stand-out treat.

On the top layer of our tower were two treats; a kiwi yoghurt dessert and a chocolate ganache dessert. Starting with the kiwi yoghurt dessert, it looked like a tiny panna cotta but inside were fruit layers all atop a crunchy biscuit bottom. The top was adorned with a kiwi disc and dollops of jelly. The dessert had a strong yoghurt flavour and the kiwi came in upon you right at the very end. The softness of the dessert was well balanced with the crunchy biscuit bottom and it was a lovely and refreshing way to start finishing the meal. The other treat was the decadent and almost sinfully good chocolate ganache mousse treat with a crunchy layer and even more chocolate on top. This one was rich, delicious and such a good was to close out the entire meal. I originally took a bite of the chocolate one, tasted the kiwi yoghurt treat before deciding to keep the last of the chocolate to close off my meal because it was such a highlight. The chocolate dessert was a highlight of the meal and I loved the pretty gold flakes on top for extra opulence.

It took us the full 90 minutes we were allowed to eat our High Tea and drink all our tea. Tea refills were not given which was kind of sad as I would have loved more tea but we did have water already on our bill so we enjoyed that. We were reminded by the staff that our time was coming to an end and a bill was brought out about 15 minutes out. After our High Tea, although only guests can wonder around the hotel, we were permitted to use the outdoor bathroom and take a few photos on the lawn however staff were quick to offer escort service to the front of the hotel so you could exit quicker. Sometimes this felt a little forceful to be honest, even whilst waiting for the bathroom to be free. I am quite sad to note that my camera, which has served me many years, died a few photos into our quick little shoot so most of our photos have been take on our phones so they are not as high in resolution or quality. My apologies for this but my camera was fixed a few days later.

Once we left the hotel, we enjoyed a walk back into the heart of the city of Singapore before we crashed at our hotel for an hour or so. The High Tea at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore was an absolute highlight of the trip; the food, location and company were all top notch and it’s an experience I’d recommend to anyone who is visiting Singapore and locals alike. Being able to sit in such a stunning location and delight in many delicious treats was such a nice way to spend an afternoon on a very busy holiday. Having a chance to dress up was also rather lovely and I even made a special dress for the occasion (I have a video on this below but you can also find it on my YouTube channel). High Tea at the Raffles was very opulent and dreamy; I loved everything about it but most of all, the company I had. High Tea’s offer a great chance to chat about all sorts of topic and reconnect with friends over some delicious food. I really enjoyed giggling with my friend and chatting away.

I hope to one day return to the Raffles Hotel and although it’s out of my budget to stay a night there, I love knowing that I can indulge in a very unique High Tea experience. The cost for High Tea is around $88 Singapore Dollars which is a decent price for the experience; I know I’ve seen places even at home ask for a lot more so I think this is something that is well priced. The hotel also have special seasonal menu’s and events that change the style and theme of the menu for example, they are currently offering a Sakura High tea to celebrate cherry blossom season and soon there will be a special Easter High Tea. It’s lovely knowing you could have a very unique menu and of course, all dietary requirements are catered for with enough notice. I really hope if this is something you are thinking of doing, you go ahead and book is as soon as you can because it really was wonderful.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


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