Vintage and Retro Style Sewing Patterns for A Dapper Wardrobe

Even though it’s not quite autumn yet, I’m already thinking about my winter wardrobe. I suffer from seasonal depression no matter how much I try to convince myself I don’t. I tend to become a true homebody in winter and barely leave the house so although I dream of a cute vintage winter wardrobe, I honestly just live in trackie pants, oversized jumpers and my hair in a messy bun. This year I’m determined to leave the house twice a week which means I finally get to enjoy my winter clothing. Normally I would just wear my summer dresses with a cardigan, I live in Australia so it doesn’t get overly cold most of the time, but I’ve been dreaming of a dapper style wardrobe for a long time. This is the year I want to make it happen. As I’m slowly looking at winter fabrics, online stores and my own wardrobe, I am also looking at sewing patterns which can help me achieve a vintage dapper wardrobe and I wanted to share them with you.

Vintage McCalls 8228
Originally released in 1950, this pattern is for a women’s vest which can be worn over shirt or on it’s own. I’d love to make this out of tweed or even some kind of patchwork or tapestry fabric. You may have to hunt online for this pattern.

Simplicity 8747
A recently released vintage pattern reproduction from Simplicity, Simplicity 8747 is a great pattern for a dapper style jacket with a matching style skirt. I want this made from all the tweed. This is available from Spotlight and other online pattern sellers.

Simplicity 9449
Another vintage reproduction pattern from Simplicity, Simplicity 9449 is perfect for a basic pinafore style dress in both a fitted or flared skirt, and can also be used to make two simple skirts. Being recently released, this pattern should be easy to find at places like Spotlight, or other sewing pattern sellers.

Hepburn Trousers from OMAJByBeatrice
From an amazing Etsy seller, the Hepburn Trousers are ideal for the wardrobe of a dapper lady. Originally inspired from Katherine Hepburn’s own personal trouser style, this pattern is something I am really looking forward to making for myself.
You can find this pattern here.

Mrs Depew Vintage 1930s Slacks or Shorts No.3101B
From famed vintage pattern seller Mrs Depew Vintage, the 1930’s Slacks or Shorts No.3101B pattern featured an incredible pair of trousers which remind me of the Katherine Trousers from Vivien of Holloway. I am looking forward to making this pattern for myself and I’ll let you know how it goes as soon as it’s done.
Find this pattern here.

Wearing History – Montana; Early 1940s Blouse and Skirt Pattern
Etsy is a goldmine for vintage reproduction sewing patterns and some stores allow you to purchase print at home patterns such as this gem. The Montana pattern from Wearing History features a button up shirt and skirt. The shirt from this pattern is perfect for a dapper wardrobe and can be made with both long and short sleeves.
You can find this pattern here.

Vintage Simplicity 3102
If you can hunt it down, the vintage version of Simplicity 3102 is a dream for any dapper-style enthusiast. Originally released in 1949, Simplicity 3102 features a pattern for a blouse available in two styles, a skirt available in two styles ad a vest. The style, fit and finish this pattern offers is what dapper dreams are made of.

Lady Marlowe Patterns – 3364
I’ve wanted to make a pair of vintage palazzo pants and I’m pretty sure this is the perfect pattern. From popular Etsy pattern seller Lady Marlowe Patterns, pattern 3364 features a printed pattern for a classic button down collared blouse and the most gorgeous pair of palazzo pants with generous gathers and a fitted waistband.
Pattern is available here.

My Vintage Wish – Vogue 7519
From an Etsy Pattern seller I’ve shopped with before, this reprint of Vogue 7519 is for a pair of 1940s slacks or Hepburn trousers available in both a high and low waistline. The final shape and fit of these trousers make them ideal for the dapper style, wartime pinups or just a really good pair of vintage trousers.
Pattern is available here.

My Vintage Wish – Pattern 3322
Also from My Vintage Wish is pattern 3322 which features a pattern for 1940s dungarees and blouse. The dungarees can also be made into pats but personally the dungarees look really gorgeous and would be perfect for a dapper wardrobe.
Pattern available here.

My Vintage Wish – Pattern 9059
Featuring a pair of dungarees, that can also be easily shortened to make a cute playsuit, Pattern 9059 from My Vintage Wish gives me Land Girl vibes and if made up in a pinstripe, sultry Peaky Blinders vibes. No matter what fabric you make these dungarees from, it’s perfect for a dapper wardrobe. Oh and the shirt it comes with is super cute.
Pattern can be found here.

Simplicity 8447
A vintage reproduction originally released in the 1940s, this Simplicity 8447 pattern is ideal for a dapper wardrobe. This pattern features long dungarees with a button up side, a pattern adjustment which can turn the dungarees into trousers and a button up shirt. With the pattern being a recently released Simplicity pattern, it can easily be found at most sewing supply stores or at Spotlight.

VintagePatternsSewBI – Gambit Pinafore Dress
Another pinafore for your consideration, this 1950s pattern for a ‘Queens Gambitt’ style V-Pinafore dress can be made up to really suit the dapper style wardrobe. The deep V allows you to play with undershirts and neck accessories such as neckerchiefs, cravats and bows. Don’t sleep on this pattern for a dapper style wardrobe.
Pattern can be found here (also available in a PDF download).

Vintage Simplicity 1306
Another original vintage pattern, Simplicity 1306 was originally from 1945 and features a pattern for a dapper style skirt, trousers and vest. This pattern is versatile enough for all the pieces to be mixed and matched, and can be worn in a range of dapper style outfits.
It may take a little hunting for this pattern but there’s currently this one on Etsy.

Jem Vintage Patterns – 1950 waistcoat and jacket pattern
Another downloadable vintage pattern from Etsy, this pattern from Jem Vintage Patterns features four differently styled vests which can be adjusted to fit any dapper wardrobe. Some of the vests can be made into a light jacket but all the bests are stunning and suitable to suit any style fabric or outfit.
Pattern can be found here.

VintagePatternsSewBI – 50s Waistcoat, Weskit and Skirt
This pattern features one of the prettiest waistcoats or weskits which can really make the perfect addition to any dapper wardrobe. I am mildly obsessed with the mustard ensemble pictured on this pattern and it’s something I’d love to make out of a mustard wool and pair with a navy jumper underneath.
Full pattern can be found here.

EvaDress – 1944 Two Piece Suit Dress and Scarf Pattern
Nothing looks quite as dapper is a well fitted unique suit and this pattern from Eva Dress on Etsy. The shape, lines and structure of this coat jacket will make for a unique and incredible dapper wardrobe addition and can also be altered to make a stunning aching waistcoat.
Pattern can be found here.

Petitboo – Flat Cap Pattern
Sometimes you just need to round off a great dapper outfit with an amazing dapper hat. There are heaps of flat cap sewing patterns out there but this particular one from Petitboo has caught my eye because of it’s simplicity and the way it can easily be sized up or down depending on who you are making it for. I cannot wait to try out this pattern.
This pattern can be found here.

SWS Patterns – Newsboy Hat
Just incase a flat cap isn’t your style, I had to include a newsboy hat just incase as I’ve always loved them and worn many in my time. This hat is also adjustable in size and can be printed at home. Although I’ve never made this pattern, or any hat pattern for that matter, this one certainly looks like something that’s achievable and easy to do.
Full pattern can be found here.

A dapper wardrobe should never feel unattainable especially if you sew. Although there are plenty of stores which offer beautifully constructed dapper pieces for women, I personally love the challenge of piecing together my perfect dapper wardrobe slowly with my own hands. I hope this list is inspiring for you to start making your own dapper pieces but never feel like you can’t look for your own patterns as there are many many more out there.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


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