Should I buy True Vintage or Vintage Reproduction Sewing Patterns?

When getting into vintage sewing, you will eventually be faced with a decision of having to buy either vintage reproduction patterns or true vintage patterns. Although some true vintage patterns have been reproduced, you may not be sure which is better to purchase. Both have pros and cons so I thought I’d share with you a simple pro’s and con’s list which may help you make the decision that best suits you. This list will be helpful when deciding between the true vintage pattern or patterns modern reproduction.

True Vintage PatternsVintage Reproduction Patterns
CON: Harder to find patternsPRO: Easy to find at most sewing shops or patterns
CON: Pattern comes in just one sizePRO: Pattern will come in multiple sizes
CON: Some patterns can be expensivePRO: Can be found pretty cheap
PRO: Some very unique and rare patterns can be found and treasuresCON: Mass produced
PRO: Fit of the pattern is fitted to a specific bodyCON: The fit will be different to the original pattern
PRO/CON: The fit is best suited to a vintage body shape with vintage undergarmentsPRO/CON: Pattern fit is adjusted for a modern body but this means some of the original intended styling may be lost
PRO: Wider range of pattern stylesCON: Limited range of patterns and styles
PRO: Designs are unique and different with many variationsCON: Companies often reproduce the same style just under a different pattern number (eg. Simplicity have like 25 Poodle Skirt patterns. WHY?!)
PRO: True vintage patterns give you a chance to challenge yourselfCON: Patterns are normally very basic and some variations will produce a bit more of a plain garment
CON: Instructions can be limited and with no illustrationsPRO: Instructions are normally detailed and with illustrations
CON: Not always easy to find reviewsPRO: Often easy to find reviews and other people sewing reproduction patterns
PRO: You get an authentic vintage outfitCON: Can look a little costumey
CON: Pattern and instructions can be very delicate PRO: Pattern and instructions are durable
CON: Pattern markings are made with small holes PRO: Pattern markings are printed with ink
CON: Pattern may not include seam allowancePRO: Pattern includes seam allowance
PRO: Envelope artwork is beautifulCON: Envelope artwork (especially if just photos) can make the pattern look costumey and cheap
PRO: To look like real vintage, use real vintageCON: The pattern can look tacky and more “inspired by” the time period


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


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