Heart My Closet Kate Middleton Dress Review and Collab

I was recently asked if I would like to collaborate with the fabulous Heart My Closet and of course without a second thought I said yes! Heart My Closet is a fabulous company who creates custom vintage and celebrity inspired dresses to suit their clients: you choose your dress, pick your size and the colour and voila! A gorgeous custom made dress just for you!
I have a few Heart My Closet dresses hanging in my closet and they are beyond wonderful and very well made. Each dress is expertly crafted and fully lined in high quality materials and they are very luxurious. The best thing about the dresses that Heart My Closet make is the fit and the plethora of different styles. For women who dress in the vintage style, once we find a company or brand who has mastered how to make clothes for a vintage loving body, we seldom stray. All the dresses I own by Heart My Closet are so well tailored to my body shape that they feel like a second skin and it really boosts my confidence. I get stopped all the time and asked where my dress is from and I am always so excited when their eyes light up saying these dresses are all custom made.



When Heart My Closet asked if I wanted to test run one of their latest designed I was so excited; the dress was based off a dress worn by Kate Middleton at a recent event. The Kate Pleated Dress featured slightly puffed sleeve, a high square neckline and a very comfortable peated skirt. It was designed in a light turquoise colour but can be made in a wide selection of available colours depending on customers requests. I was a little nervous to wear a dress worn by someone so elegant and beautiful as Kate Middleton; I didn’t want to feel like I was on an episode of ‘who wore it better’ but I made sure to style it my own way.

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When I first saw the colour of the dress I thought it was absolutely stunning; I can imagine this being a perfect country garden party dress in the summer time. I thought the slight puff in the sleeves was a really nice touch as it gave the dress a unique flare and it balanced out the top of the bodice. The bodice fit my torso perfectly and I found the top part of the skirt a nice snug fit before the pleats gave the dress some flare. This dress can be worn with a small petticoat to give it some volume but I loved it flowing around my body as I moved and didn’t think it needed any more exaggeration. The skirt length was perfect as it was just below my knees. The dress has a high back with a zipper in the middle and no pockets.

I styled this dress by pulling out some light silver and diamond accessories and a vintage white hat. However the wind proved too much for the hat and it was soon abandoned for the rest of the photos. I really loved twirling in this dress as it flared out beautifully and I am looking forward to wearing it again soon. I found people constantly commenting on how stunning the dress was and it was lovely knowing people liked it so much. The dress is very elegant, classic and glamorous. It can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and can be created in a range of different colours.

I highly recommend Heart My Closet and the Kate Pleated Dress. I also own the Nottingham dress, the Rita dress and the Keira dress and I love each one very much. I do have a few Heart My Closet dresses on my Wishlist and hope to get some more styles soon. A lot of vintage clothing was made for the customer and designed to fit her body; Heart My Closet brings back that old world charm and makes every customer feel special. Cynthia, the owner of Heart My Closet, is an absolute magician when it comes to creating dresses and I can’t recommend her enough.

Thank you Heart My Closet for sending me this fabulous dress! I love it so very much and I feel like a princess when I wear it. I am looking forward to our next collaboration already!

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