How to Plan for a Pinup Pageant

Perhaps you have just entered your first pinup pageants and your thinking, “what do I do now?!”. Don’t worry, here is a safe space for you to get some ideas on how to plan for your pageant.

Figure out the Basics:

When you entered the pageant, you would have had an idea of what type of pageant it is. Do as much research on what is required of you, how many rounds there are, what the judges are looking for and who else has entered. It’s good to know what you need to focus on, figure out the level of competition and know what is expected of you. From here you can go onto the next step.

Gather Inspiration:

Start watching videos, looking at old photos and scouring the internet to come up with a basic idea for what you want to do onstage. If you have multiple rounds, a theme that ties everything together is a good idea. Don’t try to be too complex in your idea; sometimes simple is the best.

Pageant routine ideas can include a picnic, sailor/nautical, beach, tiki, garage/car, cocktail, diner or gardening.

Plan your outfits:

By knowing what the judges expect from your outfit, this section can be a lot of fun. Your outfit is a great way of telling the audience who you are as a pinup, what story or theme you are portraying and lets you express your personality. Whether you are a traditional cheesecake pinup, a rockabilly gal or a tiki queen; embrace that and don’t be scared to stand out from the crowd. When planning your outfits, plan top to toe. Everything from hair, makeup, accessories, and even shoes can make or break an outfit.

Plan your routine:

Once you have your theme and outfit, start mapping out what you want to do onstage. It’s good to know how much time you have so you can utilize the stage to your advantage. Remember to try and tell the audience who you are and express yourself but always have fun! Nothing worse than a grumpy pinup.

Nail your poses:

Slow down during your routine to let the audience enjoy you. You got all dressed up for them, don’t run off the stage a few seconds after you get on. Hold your pinup poses and don’t forget to mix up your facial expressions. Point your toes and try to have fun. Even if you mess up on the day, keep smiling!

Plan your props and extras:

If you feel you want a prop or something on stage with you, now is the time to plan. Props can be a great extra on stage but they shouldn’t overshadow you or be just placed on the stage and ignored. Most pageants don’t have stage kittens so you will need to carry your props on and off stage; keep this in mind as you don’t want to waste time setting up a scene. Don’t leave a prop on stage and not interact with it, it’ll just distract the audience and be a waste of space. Simple props such as a fan, parasol or lipstick can be all you need sometimes.


Try to practice as much as you can. This will make you feel more comfortable on the actual day and you will be better prepared. If you do make a mistake just keep going and don’t forget to smile. No one will know your routine but you so don’t stop and freak out!

Final Notes: 

Remember Pinup Pageants are about having fun, making friends and doing something exciting. It’s not about winning a fancy tiara and sash but rather challenging yourself and a chance for personal growth. By having a solid plan before the big day, you will be better prepared, equipped and there is less of a chance for things going wrong.

Remember to enjoy the planning stages, they can be a lot of fun and a chance to get excited.

Don’t try to do too much on stage; less can really be more.

Be kind and courteous throughout the process. This may be someone’s first time and by being mean, you can really ruin it for them. Support the other people competing.

Give the event, other finalists and sponsors a shout out on social media. Spread the joy and Im sure it will be appreciated.

Have fun! Remember to have fun, be yourself and project pinup confidence.


Soon I will continue this blog and write about what to do on the day of a Pinup Pageant.

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