Poison Apple Hair Review

There’s nothing more exciting than a new pinup inspired product hitting the market! Poison Apple Hair is a Victoria-based company from the brainchild of Australian hairdresser Michael Davids and they have just released their new product, Poison Apple Hair Setting Spray. Now I’m not a hair expert and I often struggle to style my hair so keep that in mind throughout this review. When I first heard about Poison Apple Hair, I was really keen to try it and to see if it worked better on my hair than my normal setting sprays.

Here’s what the product claims: “Poison Apple Hair styling spray with a 3 -in-1 formula, which includes: 1. Thermal styling with heat protection. 2. Wet set spray. 3. Finishing spray with hold and shine. Poison Apple Hair delivers lasting results, with brilliant hold, it’s sophisticated feel and intoxicating fragrance is the show-stopping finish to any hair style complementing any outfit for every event. A must-have for any glamour girl.”

First impressions:

I thought the packaging was quite cute. The spray comes in a dark orange plastic bottle with a spray-pump top. The bottle reminded me of an old medicine bottle especially with the label sticker designed to look old and vintage. I love the logo of the cute pinup posing next to a poisoned apple. The product does have a strong smell and I can’t quite pinpoint exactly what it smells like; I thought it would have an apple scent but it didn’t. It has more of a deep earthy smell with some sweet notes, it’s hard to describe. I had two people comment saying my hair smelt like pineapple lollies so over time, the scent lessens and seems sweeter. The bottle comes in 250ml and retails for $39.00.

As I don’t use heat to set my hair normally, I just washed my hair, sprayed some of the setting spray over my hair, brushed it through and dried it. I followed the instructions and sprayed each curl section before wrapping my foam rollers into my hair. I then tied my scarf around my head and went to sleep.

When I went to style my hair the next morning, I found my curls were really nice and tight, they weren’t sticky and my hair was really shiny. I styled my hair as I normally would and found that my hair didn’t frizz as much as it normally did. Furthermore, I found the curls were really playable and easy to manipulate into position.
I didn’t style anything overly fancy and went for a curly brush out. The curls lasted all day but unfortunately, I got caught in the rain which caused them to straighten out by the end of the day.

I have used the product four times over the week and found my hair really easy to style and it was really flexible to work with. It responded well with styling powders and sprays and didn’t form a sticky/hair helmet of hair like some setting sprays do. If I didn’t reset my hair overnight, I found my curls still stayed intact and they were a really soft wave. I received many compliments on my hair and had a few people ask how I had styled it. I was excited to tell them about this new product.

I have also set my curls when they have been completely dry without adding the setting spray whilst they were wet and found the results were just as good. I’m looking forward to supporting this company and continuing using this great product. If you have been looking out for a good setting spray for a while, this is the one!

Final thoughts:

I love this product and will continue to use it.

I really want to try different ways of using the product and hope to report back soon.

Hurray for a new Aussie business making a great product we can all get behind.

I love how my hair became easy to style, there was very little frizz and the curls held on all day. They were so well set I didn’t have to use bobby pins to keep waves in place.

I liked the smell of my hair throughout the day and the shine the product gave me.

The product is vegan and cruelty-free.



Miss MonMon with Poison Apple Hair Setting Spray


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