Autumn Look Book – Miss MonMon Styling

I’ve decided to do something a little bit different and see how it goes; I wanted to share a look book on how I put together a couple of Autumn inspired outfits and share some more images from a recent shoot with Daniche Creative. In case you are wondering how you can wear vintage/pinup and keep warm in cooler weather, a new blog is coming soon.

Look One: Pinup Robin Hood


This look was created around the wonderful Belle Folie hat I was wearing. I loved the deep rich green tones and the fun feather sticking out so I had to pull out some deep earthy tones. I started with a pair of tweed 1940’s pants from Vivie of Holloway and matched that to a cream button up blouse from Seamstress of Bloomsbury. From here I wanted to add a darker tone so I added a faux fur shawl which came from a thrift store and some brown gloves that were found in a vintage store many years ago. To top it off, I added my favourite vintage coat of all time; a 1960’s green large gingham wool coat which I purchased from Monto vintage whilst living in Dublin.
If you are someone who does feel the cold, you can always add a cardigan or jumper to this look in a dark green.

Look Two: A Pop of Colour


Still playing with the Robin Hood theme, I took away the coat, shawl and gloves and added a vibrant pop of colour with this Alannah Hill cardigan. I purchased this cardigan from an outlet store in Sydney so I don’t know what year it came from but I loved the richness it had. This cardigan can also be worn with a deep morone skirt, or a brown pair of pants or skirt. I wore the cardigan tucked in for a sleeker look and it can also be cinched with a belt of your choice.

Look Three: Woodland Lass


This is definitely one of my favourite looks from this collection. I was inspired by the orange in the last look and decided to play with purple which is when I remembered this old Stop Staring dress (which I purchased before I was wearing pinup). By adding a green embroidered cardigan, the embroidery lightens the looks and adds a bit of personality and fun. This cardigan is from Dangerfield and they carry lots of cute embroidered cardigans with different themes and cute animals (it’s hard to decide which one to get!). I was really enjoying going through my old winter wardrobe when I found this faux purple fur shoulder wrap from Alannah Hill which I bought in late high school. I went through a coloured fur phase which was a lot of fun in the Irish winter. To complete the look I added green winter gloves from Dangerfields (they are lined and super toasty warm), a purple belt and a gorgeous purple berry hat from Belle Follie.

Look Four: Top Coat


As the weather drops, it gets harder to want to dress up and go out which is why a beautiful coat is something worth investing in. This is the Collectif swing coat in burgundy with brown faux fur trim. The colour is so rich and striking that I wanted it to stand out for itself. Even if your outfit isn’t overly excited, a gorgeous coat can just make you look like a vintage Hollywood starlet. I paired this coat with another hat from Belle Follie featuring vintage trimmings.

So what do we all think? Did you have a favourite look? Do you like this mini look book series? What should we call it? If you have any suggestions please note them down below.
Also, keep an eye out for the up and coming winter blog!

Photos by Daniche Creative


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way.

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