That’s a Wrap – The Diamond Bombshell

Today is the first day of 2021 and I thought I’d kick it off with a look back at one of my favourite photoshoots from (I’m actually embarrassed by how long ago this was) way back in 2019. Yes, it’s now 2021 and I’m only JUST sharing these images but honestly, with so much going on, it took me a hot minute to realise I hadn’t shared them and then decided to send them into publication, but here we are, a little while later and I still love these images. Let’s go back to Sydney before anyone knew of Covid and place ourselves in the magical photo studio of my dear friends Sasha and Marija of Sherbet Birdie Photography. I was travelling with my pinup bestie, Miss Vintage Orchid, for Chromefest 2019 and what better thing to do in Sydney other than get your photo taken by the Sherbet Birdie team?

We arrived at the studio early morning with all our excitement pouring out, we could not wait! We were to have a double shoot day with Reenie (Miss Vintage Orchid) going first shooting the now infamous Disney Princess set, a spot of lunch, and then it would be my turn to shoot the 1940’s Swarovski set. It was a joy to watch my pinup bestie get all dolled up and look her pinup best and become a princess. I actually got a bit overwhelmed by how beautiful she was and fed off her joy and enthusiasm. I couldn’t stop smiling whilst watching her pose and turn into the princess she was everyday. Reenie is a lot more in the ‘now’ so her photos have already been published on her social media so make sure you check them out.

Look at my pinup bestie, Miss Vintage Orchid, sparkling!

Hands down the best part of the Sherbet Birdie experience is spending time with Sasha and Marija. These two beauties both hold such a dear and special place in my heart. They are both so kind, understanding, patient and full of passion, creativity and knowledge that any time spent with them I truely treasure. If you ever get a chance to shoot with them, grab that opportunity with both hands! From my first shoot with them right up until my latest, I really have fallen in love with them both and wish I could see them more often; we definitely have some amazing things planned in the future so keep your eyes peeled. In this shoot in particular, I just remember laughing a lot. The constant string of endless tomfoolery really is something that livens up the day and makes us smile and enjoy the experience.

I was excited when it came to being my turn to be made up; Marija as always beat my hair and face into pinup perfect which is quite difficult as my hair hates everyone and never does what it should. We went for a very strong high glamour look and my hair was to be big with luscious curls. Now for the costume; I love sparkle and this absolutely gave me everything I had ever wanted in a corset. I would wear this as casual attire if I could it’s just so deliciously opulent and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I was dressed and ready. Now between you and me, I don’t actually have that much self love for myself. I know I preach self love and acceptance but it’s also a journey I am on for myself and have been for quite a while. It’s not easy, especially with my past, but during this shoot I felt so strong and actually pretty that I left the shoot feeling supported, empowered and more like my true self than I have been for a very long time. I think it’s also the most ‘sexy’ I’ve felt in a very long time. As someone who is generally covered up when they leave the house, this look was both frightening and empowering all at the same time. I still feel a bit vulnerable in the costume because its so far from the ordinary, but the fact that I ended up feeling so comfortable (and cheered on by my friends) it really helped me feel absolutely amazing.

Miss MonMon behind the scenes with Sherbet Birdie Photography.
Miss MonMon behind the scenes with Sherbet Birdie Photography.
Miss MonMon behind the scenes with Sherbet Birdie Photography.

Whenever I see these images, I get that feeling all over again. This is not me fishing for compliments, in fact, compliments can make me feel very uncomfortable. But doing this shoot has been a huge part in helping me see myself as much stronger than I give myself credit for. I’m not a very ‘show-ey’ person and I don’t often get a chance to get fully glammed up so wearing this costume was very magical for me and I’m glad I chose it as my shoot theme for the day. I’d always dreamed of living a more glamorous life and I have felt very ‘stuck’ in where I am at the moment. I’m really wanting to move out of my current home into one that is actually my own; I’m ready to make my own space mine and fit who I am. I’m ready to create my space to reflect who I am and the life I want to live and I’ve wanted that for a while. This shoot has allowed me to have a glimpse of that life and I see it as a sign that my space and my new life will be coming around the corner soon. I’m not going to swan around in a Swarovski corset daily, but I will feel like myself in my own space and that’s what I’m really hoping for.

If you’ve never had a Sherbet Birdie shoot before, firstly, book one and make it happen. You start out my choosing a photoshoot theme and then just rock up at the studio and everything is taken care of. This took a lot of pressure off my shoulders as sometimes you see these glorious outfits and sets from a photoshoot and realise you will never own anything that opulent and nothing you have in your wardrobe measures up. Sherbet Birdie make glamour accessible for everyone; every costume comes in multiple sizes and all body types can be made to look their best. I hadn’t felt that beautiful in a very long time which is probably why I couldn’t stop smiling in the images; believe me, I tried to do some sultry looks but I was just too happy.

Miss MonMon photographed by Sherbet Birdie Photography.
Miss MonMon photographed by Sherbet Birdie Photography.
Miss MonMon photographed by Sherbet Birdie Photography.
Miss MonMon photographed by Sherbet Birdie Photography.

I couldn’t be happier with the final photos; they are beyond magical to me and now that they have been published in December 2020’s Bombshell magazine as the front cover image, I can finally freely share these images and enjoy them out in the open. I remember submitting these images just on a whim in a desperate fear of needing to achieve something before the year closes. I wasn’t very active with shoots in 2020 and my goal of getting published a few times was not met; it was a last ditch effort and I’m still shocked it paid off so well. I’m really glad I held onto these images as to be a cover model for Bombshell magazine (you know the one who mainly publishes really big and well known pinups as their cover models) was beyond my dreams. If you’d like to order your own copy, please use this link.

Miss MonMon on the cover of Bombshell Magazine December 2020.

I’ve made it a goal for 2021 to remember how I felt whilst shooting this set with Sherbet Birdie whenever I am feeling sad or down about myself. The way I felt on that day was enough to get me over some very huge mental hurdles and handle some very stressful and hurtful situations from my past. I often get asked if who I am in ‘real life’ or my ‘muggle job’ is different to Miss MonMon; there are some similarities in both and of course a few differences but during this shoot, I felt more like my true self as opposed to my pinup self. This shoot has become the merging point between me and Miss MonMon; I no longer feel split between the two and in fact feel I have merged the two even more. I am more comfortable being open, true and vulnerable towards people and have even started posting different content on my social media. I never felt far away from Miss MonMon but since this shoot, I feel like I leave the house being myself and not a character. It’s just something I am working on and I’m sorry for over sharing.

I am very happy to have finally shared these images with you and I hope they inspire you to book your own Sherbet Birdie shoot or step out and feel empowered in the most outrageous costume you can find. I have lots planned for 2021 and by sharing this straight off the bat, I am ready to enter the year as strong as I felt on this day. I wish you all a great year and I hope you return to my little space of the internet soon.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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