Testing Vintage: Yardley Perfumed Talc (Rose)

It’s time to test out another vintage product and see how it holds up to today’s standards. In today’s instalment, we look at Yardley Talcum powder, specifically, Rose Talc. Yardley of London was originally started in 1770 and specialised in cosmetics, toiletry products and fragrances. It’s one of the oldest companies in the world that specialise in beauty but is currently owned by Indian Multinational conglomerate company, Wipro. Still in business today, Yardley was a beacon of cosmetic innovation and became a symbol of London in the ’60s with the help of their face, Twiggy. They even released Twiggy inspired makeup and eyelashes to help fuel the era of mods, funky fashion and amazing music.

Today we review Yardley’s Perfumed Talc in English Rose. Although their signature scent is English Lavender which first came out in 1873, I tend to have a preference of Rose over Lavender scented products even though I have lots of lavender in the garden. For those wondering, Yardley used a variety of Lavandula angustifolia which was grown specifically for Yardley in the South of England to help achieve their iconic scent but we digress! Yardley Rose Talc is still readily available and comes in different scents such as Jasmin, lavender, red rose, lily of the valley and violet. As much as I love jasmine scented things, I thought the rose would be a better choice for this vintage beauty review. I ordered the talc online due to being stuck in isolation for about $18.99 for 200 grams. Although obviously not the original packaging, I thought the tin was cute and sturdy once it arrived. I like the illustration on it and can see this being a lovely addition to my vanity in the future.

Ingredients: Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Dipropylene Glycol, Calcium Silicate, Parfum Fragrance, Linalool, Limonene, Coumarin, Eugenol, Ecernia Furfuracea Extract, Citronellol, Geraniol, Citral.

Vintage Yardley Ad. Source
Vintage Yardley Ad. Source. 

Now, the scent is very rose heavy so if that’s something you’re not particularly fond of rose scents, this may not be the best product for you. The best way to apply the product is after a shower or a bath; apply a light dusting onto the skin using a powder puff. The powder turns translucent on the skin and leaves a thin veil which makes your skin look and feel soft, smooth and fresh. The powder is also great for those with chafing and for covering up sweat. Now, we’re all friends here so I know you won’t say anything mean, but I do get sweaty feet in the summertime. I’m human, it’s normal and it’s a natural response to heat, don’t get defensive about it gosh!! As a test, I powdered my feet and the inside of my slippers with the Yardley powder and found that my feet actually felt really nice and silky. My feet didn’t feel sweaty and my slippers, even if they are 100 years old, didn’t feel sweaty inside. Win in my books. (Do not come for me and my sweaty feet… please?).

Now Yardley claim that their product is “distinctively feminine and beautiful, this silky, ultra-fine talcum powder will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and delicately scented all day. Infused with the fragrance of English Rose petals complemented by other soft floral notes”. The powder was really fine and felt very soft, velvety and smooth. The best way to use this product is after a shower or bath, towel yourself down and once you’re dry, powder yourself in a thin layer of the Rose Talc. I did this by dusting some talc onto a powder puff and then gently buffing it all over my body. It did indeed feel really lovely on the skin and the scent lingered for a little while. Although I couldn’t leave the house to see if anyone commented, I did feel very fresh and light all day.

Miss MonMon testing Yardley Perfumed Talc Powder in Rose.
Miss MonMon testing Yardley Perfumed Talc Powder in Rose.
Miss MonMon testing Yardley Perfumed Talc Powder in Rose.

Perfumed talcum powders are not very common today and I personally don’t have any friends that still use it in their own beauty routines. For me, after a week of use I started adding a layer of lotion to my skin before the powder as coming into winter, I wanted to prevent my skin from drying out. The powder sat really well on top of the lotion and didn’t leave a sticky film. I will definitely continue using this powder as it does feel very luxurious and a bit opulent. This is not my first time using a scented powder; a few years ago, a friend gifted my some Estee Lauder Beautiful Body Powder which I absolutely loved and used up. I was only able to find it one other time but I really enjoyed the scent and the ritual of dusting myself down. In such stressful and crazy times, I have looked forward to switching off whilst I bathe and look after my body making sure to keep up with my beauty regimen as best as I can. The addition of the Yardley Rose Talc is very welcome at this point.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. This page contains affiliate links/codes which aids in funding future reviews. 

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