Vivien of Holloway Peggy Lee Dress Review

We all do that final grab at our summer wardrobe as the leaves begin to change. As much as cooler fashion is charming, there’s just something so free and easy about summer clothes. As I’ve started pulling out my cardigans from their seasonal slumber, I couldn’t help but give one last hurrah for my summer wardrobe. To mark the occasion, I brought out my brand new Peggy Lee dress in purple roses from Vivien of Holloway. Vivien of Holloway very kindly sent me this stunning dress to review for you all and I knew that last Sunday was my final chance to enjoy a summer dress before the rain really kicks in. Now we have reviewed Vivien of Holloway before so make sure you check those out here and here.

Miss MonMon wearing Vivien of Holloway Peggy Lee Dress.

The Peggy Lee dress is a new style that’s just been released from Vivien of Holloway inspired by non other than Peggy Lee herself. The jazz and pop legend is a fashion icon herself so this stylised combination of her sweet side and beauty make this dress an absolute wonderful addition to the Vivien of Holloway style wardrobe. The Peggy Lee dress features a straight neckline with contrasting collar, A-line Skirt, nipped waist and two large pockets with pocket cuffs. The dress has no lining, a centre back invisible zip and is made from 100% cotton. There were many fabric designs to choose fro, including plain printed cotton, floral fabrics and novelty printed fabric. As I love my wardrobe to be aggressively floral, I chose the purple roses (as I am starting to feel I have too much pink… oh gosh can there even be such a thing?).

The print of the dress is stunning! The purple roses are big, bold and the variation in purple tones makes it a lot of fun to style and wear. The roses look like they were painted on which adds to the vintage feels and vibes of the dress. I love the uniqueness of the fabric and was really happy to see the Vivien of Holloway brand name discretely printed into the fabric. Rose fabric isn’t a revelation but the fact that this fabric was clearly made just for Vivien of Holloway make it unique, special and a great little gift to customers as no one else can find such a dress elsewhere. I really love when companies have unique fabric that can’t be found elsewhere, it helps you feel special and get excited over new collections.

Miss MonMon wearing Vivien of Holloway Peggy Lee Dress.
Miss MonMon wearing Vivien of Holloway Peggy Lee Dress.

The dress itself was very comfortable to wear and the waist line fit perfectly. Perhaps the bodice was a little too long (probably about an inch) but I’ve also had multiple back spasms this week from being overworked so I might be a bit hunched over or bent funny. The neckline was really lovely and I found it was quite flattering. It wasn’t overly low so you didn’t get a peep of scandalous bosom but it’s also perfect to be adorned with a necklace or a brooch. The length of the skirt was perfect, it hit me just below my knee line which is where I prefer my skirts to be for it’s the perfect vintage length.

To style this dress I pulled out my Banned petticoat which brought out the skirt to a really sweet shape, I wore my purple Miss L-Fire heels, vintage purple gloves and my purple Lola Von Rose bag. I added little purple dangle earrings from Splendette and when it did get a bit cooler, I donned my purple Jenny cardigan which had a matching Splendette brooch on it. This dress could have easily been paired with all white accessories as well as green to really bring out the pattern in the fabric. I can really see this dress being a wonder staple in any wardrobe as it’s easy to style and can be quickly thrown on if you’re in a rush to leave the house. It’s effortlessly classic, feminine and timeless.

Miss MonMon wearing Vivien of Holloway Peggy Lee Dress.
Miss MonMon wearing Vivien of Holloway Peggy Lee Dress.

Whilst wearing this dress, I had so many people come up and tell me they loved my outfit, it was almost getting ridiculous at one stage. I had a lady who also loved purple get very excited that another person shared her enthusiasm for lavender tones. This dress is certainly a street stopper but I can also see it being perfect for afternoon functions such as gatherings, barbecues and luncheons. I honestly found this dress so comfortable and flattering to wear that it was an absolute joy. On the day I wore it out, it was on the cooler side but with pretty decent humidity; I was very comfortable in this dress and didn’t feel the need for a cardigan.

I absolutely love this dress, if you’ve seen the new Peggy Lee dress on the Vivien of Holloway site and you’re not sure about it, you can’t go wrong with it! It really is a stunning dress and perfect for many occasions and seasons. I received the size 14 (28 inch waist) and it really fit beautifully. Shipping from the UK to Australia took around three weeks which is pretty standard with the current state of the world. I cannot share my joy over this dress anymore; it’s a dream, it’s beautiful and I love it.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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