Coolangatta and Brisbane Vintage and Retro Shopping Haul

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a vintage shopping haul, you know, shops being closed and all that stuff, and even though I did some online shopping to keep my spirits high, it didn’t feel the same to do a shopping haul when it’s all online. As the world slowly gets back to some sense of normal, we are getting released from our home and able to shop and visit vintage markets once again. In my previous post, I mentioned a trip over East to Queensland where I visited Brisbane and Coolangatta and did a little bit of vintage shopping. Today I thought I’d share my recent haul which includes a heap of vintage gloves, jewellery and a few vintage clothing pieces.

Before the East Coast of Australia went into lockdown, I was very lucky to be able to pop over from the West Coast and enjoy this years Cooly Rocks On Festival. Cooly Rocks On is a 5 day nostalgia festival held at Coolangatta, a small town straddling the New South Wales and Queensland boarder (although most of it’s on the QLD side). With a stunning ocean and gorgeous weather, this was certainly a well desired trip. This particular trip would be my second Cooly Rocks On festival and I also planned to spend a few days in Brisbane after the festival closed. I also took part in this years Miss Cooly Rocks On pageant and am very excited to announce that I came Runner Up with the stunning Miss Curly Sue taking the winning prize. Of course, when I wasn’t stressing about the pageant or changing my mind on what necklace to wear on stage, I definitely took the opportunity to explore and do a little vintage shopping. I managed to find a great selection of vintage treasures including gloves, pyrex, earrings, some dresses and more gloves. It certainly was a wonderful haul and I’m excited to share it with you.

What I found in Coolangatta
True Vintage:
The first vintage store I visited was 20th Century Antiques and Collectibles which is a rabbit warren of small vintage stalls crammed into a warehouse space. I found some vintage gloves, two blue pyrex bowls and a vintage electric womens shaver.
The second store, Retrosheila, is located a few doors down and in there I found two vintage knitting magazines. There was a stunning vintage dress in the store but unfortunately it didn’t fit in the bust, bugger!

I found most of my retro inspired items in the vintage market stalls. In Kiki Tiki I found the cutest playsuit which I cannot wait to wear once it warms up.
In Oh Hey Lovely, I bought two pairs of resin earrings (one to match my playsuit) and the other because it was just too cute!
From Nicole Jade Boutique I bought the perfect pair of navy heels to go with all the navy things I have in my wardrobe.

What I found in Brisbane
True Vintage:
Empire Revival had an awesome selection of vintage gloves but I also found a gorgeous pair of vintage earrings.
At the Camp Hill Antique Centre, there were even more vintage jewellery to be found. I am particularly in love with my new bug ring and my green amethyst earrings.
Is it really a vintage haul if I don’t get some clothing? Well, Retro Metro was where I found two vintage dresses and a two-piece nightgown set with over throw.

With all these beautiful treasures, a belly full of delicious food (the food in the Brisbane CBD is ridiculously delicious) and a bit of a rest, this trip was quite the push I needed. I know it’s been almost two months since my return but I think without the mental break that this trip offered, I could not have handled the stress wave that was waiting for me when I returned home. Although I’m not going to share what has been happening, just know that anyone who is struggling to keep up with life, it’s ok to take a break and focus on what’s important wether that be themselves or their family. I needed to take time out to look after family and I had to be fully present there for a while, even though life is still a bit shaky, I am keen to get back into working, blogging, filming and making content.
A special thank you to all those who have reached out, came over, gave me hugs, support and treats and to all those who sent sweet messages of support. During this difficult time, your love and generosity has truly been amazing and I am better able to care for my family knowing you all have my back.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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