Making a Candy Heart Wreath for Valentine’s Day

I’m sure we all have projects, especially seasonal projects, that bubble about in our heads for years before we finally just say “today’s the day” and get them done. For over three years I’ve wanted to make a Valentine’s Day door wreath covered in conversation candy hearts and this year, I finally made that idea a reality. In saying that, of course, we can’t always predict how things come out and this year, due to the current supply shortages and shipping delays we received the wrong heart candies and they were very late (only arriving this afternoon). Alas, life is what it is and we might as well just get on with it so let’s make a candy heart valentine’s wreath.

As with the many many many wreaths we have made here in my blogosphere, everything in this tutorial is completely customisable to suit your personal aesthetic, preferences and style. As mentioned above, I originally wanted different candy hearts, you know the small ones with red writing, and being sent the wrong ones I just went with anyways. You can totally make this wreath your own and I’d love to see it if you do so please send me a pic on instagram when you’re done.

-Foam door wreath (mine was 14″)
-Acrylic paint
-Paint brush
–Candy Hearts
-Hot glue gun and glue
-Glitter Sealer

Start by painting two coats of acrylic paint onto your foam wreath base. You are free to paint your wreath whatever colour you wish, originally I wanted to paint mine yellow but I didn’t have the right shade so I opted for pink intead.
Once your paint has fully dried (yes it’s worth the wait or else you’ll get paint everywhere), starting from the middle top of the wreath, slowly glue your candy hearts down.
There’s no method to how you glue your hearts, I tessellated the hearts as best as I could doing multiple rows. I then decided to glue down a scattering of hearts in random places along the top of the wreath.
Tip: you can get the best fit by gluing down your hearts row by row starting from the inside.
I like to leave a small gap at “the bottom” of my wreath. Wrap some ribbon around this gap gluing it down. Cut a piece of ribbon a few inches long, and tie it into a bow. Glue down a small piece of ribbon around the centre of the bow so it looks cute. Glue down the bow inside your ribbon patch.
You’re done! Hang her on your door!

This tutorial is really paint, glue and hang. It cannot be simpler than it already is. This wreath can be made in an afternoon and I recommend drying your wreath in the sun to help it dry faster. I think this candy heart wreath is super cute and perfect for a little bit of festive spirit just in time for Valentine’s Day.
I am tempted to try this wreath again next year with the correct hearts as in my head I wanted to glue to hearts in coloured rows. Although this wreath isn’t the wreath I had in my head, I really had a lot of fun and I’m glad I got to share this tutorial with you right on Valentine’s day.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


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