Mrs Maisel Makeup Tutorial

Today is a glorious day for us Mrs Maisel fans as it’s the start of a brand new season and in the lead up to this event, I thought we might celebrate by getting all dressed up to watch the first episode. Now I’ve often been asked to drop a makeup tutorial which I’ve been putting off due to my lack of professional training but I figured this would be a fun first attempt. The first thing I’m going to say is I am not a makeup artist. I have no professional makeup training and although I like playing with makeup, my skills, tools and products are basic and average. Keeping that in mind, I will share what knowledge I do have and I’m looking forward to sharing with you.

There are two ways you can go about this tutorial all with the same goal and similar result; you can use popular products from the 1950s that Midge would have most likely used, or, use the products from the professional makeup artists on the set of the show. Personally, I will be using a mix of some vintage products and whatever I have on hand. It’s great that tv shows can use high end products but I can’t run out and buy a $80 mascara or $100+ foundations and I don’t expect anyone else to. Most of these products can be found from very affordable brands and although I’ll list what I use, you can absolutely use what you have on hand.

After cleaning, toning and moisturising my face, the first thing I’m going to do is put on a primer. At the moment I am using the Fenty hydrating primer; I put a few pumps onto clean fingers and wipe it over my face and then let it sit for a few minutes.
Although today looking dewy is very popular, back in the 50’s, it was all about staying matte. Midge wears a matte full coverage foundation in a pale tone to match her skin. I will be using my Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation and applying it with a damp makeup sponge from ColourPop. As I’m currently battling acne breakouts brought about from wearing a mask in the blistering heat and also trying out a new retinol (oh gosh the purge has been a rollercoaster), I will be covering up a few spots with my Fenty concealer and a concealer brush. I will let it dry a little before blending it in further with my foundation. To finish my base, I add a layer of Coty’s Airspun powder and applying it with a thick brush.

Let’s move onto the brows. In the 1950’s, heavy clocked out brows weren’t popular and would probably look a little odd whilst out and about. Using either a brow pencil or brow gel and a thin brush, apply brush strokes along your natural brow. The best brows for an authentic 50’s look are thin with a slight curve but don’t go and pluck anything just for a tutorial. Keep your brows looking natural. This is the brow pencil I use and I love that I can use the spoolie end to brush my eyebrow hairs down before I pencil them in.

Now it’s time for the eyes. Midge doesn’t war a lot of eye makeup and certainly believes in the less is more approach. To achieve her eye look, start with a white or light cream coloured eyeshadow base all over the eyelid. On the outer corner, along the crease line, using a soft flat brush apply some soft brown shadow about a third of the way along the crease. Use the fluffy brush to blend the shadow along the crease line. Using the same flat brush, apply a little dark brow to the very edge of the crease line blending it well. This is not a dramatic look so remember that less is more. The shadow is nothing more than that, a shadow to add a little depth to the eye. This is the shadow pallet I use; I absolutely love it as it’s got al the neutral tones I need fo all my vintage looks, it’s also super well priced.

Today it’s popular for those in the vintage community to wear dark winged eyeliner, myself included. Midge subscribes to the more traditional view of eyeliner which is pretty subtle. Her eyeliner only just goes along the lash line and the wing is very very little, nothing more than a tiny flick. I used bff ColourPop black liquid liner and kept reminding myself to keep the line thin and subtle, it wasn’t easy.

In the first season of Mrs Maisel, we see Midge remove her makeup so we know she wearing false lashes. Now I’m not great with eyelashes in general so I’ve really enjoyed finding magnetic eyelashes however I don’t have any overly natural looking ones so for this tutorial I will omit the falsies but feel free to add some if you have them. Instead I will add lashings of mascara using a curling mascara.

To finish up our face, I will be adding the tiniest bit of contour along cheekbones using my Too Faced Chocolate powder and an angled brush. I blend that out with my thick brush I used for my Coty powder. The final touch is a bit of blush along my cheek bones using Too Faced Peach Beach blush (I believe it’s no longer available but any soft pink blush will do).

The last touch is of course, bold red lipstick. I don’t normally line my lips but for this tuorial I will as I can’t use my normal liquid lipstick. I am using my Fatale Cosmetics Pencil liner in True Red. Then using a lip brush, I am applying Revlon lipstick in shade Fire and Ice. This lipstick was the perfect show as it’s one of the lipsticks Midge wears and sells on the show; it’s also a true vintage shade that’s still available today at a very reasonable price.

To finish off the look, I am giving myself a spritz of Miss Dior which is clearly a perfume Midge would have worn. And that’s it, my first ever makeup tutorial.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. This page contains affiliate links/codes which aids in funding future reviews.

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