Making a Vintage Seafoam Salad

We’ve only ever tried two vintage ‘salad’ recipes throughout all our vintage cooking adventures so I figured it’s probably time to test out another. Initially, I thought about just doing vintage jelly recipes but there are just so many great recipes out there I don’t think I want to eat that much jelly, even for a year but hopefully this year, there will be more gelatine fun. I actually have quite a few gelatine creations that I’m curious to try as well as some that I really don’t want to but today, I am both mildly curious and excited. Whilst searching for a certain recipe, I stumbled upon Seafoam Salad, a gelatin side dish or dessert consisting of lime jelly, cream cheese and pears which doesn’t sound too awful, at least for a vintage gelatine recipe. I found loads of different recipes for Seafoam Salad, all slightly different to each other, but the one I have chosen to follow for today’s adventure came from this blog. The reason I chose this recipe over the others is the story Maya shared; after sharing her grandmother’s recipe online, she ended. Several other blogs and posts leave horrid comments about her recipe and sometimes family. This kind of broke my heart as growing up, I ate lots of “weird” foods from my own culture which I was picked on for, so I thought that those of us who enjoy food regardless of the opinion of others should stick together.

1 package of Lime Jelly (I used Green Apple)
1 Large can of Pears
1 Large Cream Cheese (room temp)
3 tbsp of milk
Heavy Cream for whipping

Put Jell-o powder in a big heat-proof bowl.
Heat pear juice to just boiling — add enough water, if necessary, to the pear juice to reach 2 cups.
Once boiling, pour over Jell-o and dissolve.
Add one cup of cold water to the Jell-o bowl. Let cool down.
Beat pears in a blender until you reach applesauce-like consistency.
Add to Jell-o mix and use a beater to blend. Beat on low or medium speed until just blended.
Mix cream cheese, which you have hopefully been softening all day, with 3 tbsp of cream using a fork.
Blend the dairy mixture well into the Jell-o mixture until it reaches a relatively homogenous, pastel-green hue.
Pour into Jell-o molds. Any extra can be put in bowls. Refrigerate overnight until firm.

As I’m not a fan of lime jelly, I swapped it out for Green Apple jelly which may be the reason my salad looked so anemic. Despite the vintage Tupperware container failing on me which resulted in a huge mess and a scramble to recover lost ingredients, I think this salad turned out quite well. Sure, this is a jelly mould for pears, cream cheese and apple jelly but it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be. The texture was a bit off as the pears made the salad mildly grainy. Overall, the salad had a creamy pear taste.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


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