Dita Von Teese Lady Head Vase Review

Over the last few years, glamour and burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, has been releasing limited edition lady head vases as part of her merchandise. If you are unsure of what a lady head vase is; it’s just like what it sounds, a vase in the shape of a ladies head which is sometimes adorned with extravagant hairstyles, hats or florals. Lady head vases were very popular throughout the 1950s until the 70s and were often used to hold flowers. Today, these vases are popular amongst collectors and enthusiasts of mid-century home styling but the vases are now used to store anything from makeup brushes, florals, hair pins etcetera or just to be shelved as decorations. Although lady head vases are not as popular as they once were, there are still companies who make them and avid collectors willing to pay a pretty penny (these vases often range from a few dollars up to a thousand for very rare ones).

Dita Von Teese first released a lady head vase around 2016 which featured her likeness in ceramic porcelain featuring her signature pageboy hairstyle and a red rose. The bottom of the vase is signed and came in a stunning decorative storage box. Since the release of this first design, there have been at least four different versions released with different flower colours including white and gold, a poinsettia flower and a top hat. I personally own all the designs except the white rose which could only be purchased at the merchandise table of Dita’s show and non were brought to Perth. I have only ever received one faulty vase which I couldn’t exchange as by the time I opened it (it was purchased as a gift to me), over 5 months had lapsed so it was too late to ask for a refund or replacement. The damage was a large chip of enamel missing in Dita’s hair. I recently got sick of feeling sad over the hair chip so I carefully filled the crack with black nail polish; sure it’s not a perfect fix but it looks better and makes me happier.

Recently, Dita released a sixth new version of her lady head vase which is quite a bit different from her original designs. Fashioned after Dita’s favourite vintage lady head vases, this limited-edition ceramic vase features Dita wearing the red rose bonnet from her iconic “Lazy” act, as debuted at The Crazy Horse Paris.  At 8.5 x 6 inches, it is designed to the same specifications as the original vintage lady vases, and sits beautifully alongside your others. Each vase has Dita’s signature fired into the glaze, and comes in a beautiful presentation box. Use the vase to hold your makeup brushes, writing instruments, as a planter, and of course, as a flower vase. This vase is the 6th of the Dita Von Teese Glamour Girl Vase series and each vase is hand painted and unique; therefore minor beauty marks may occur. The vase is available for a limited time release on Dita’s online merch store Luxfaire and sells for $95 USD.

Miss MonMon reviews Dita Von Teese Lady Head Vase.
Miss MonMon reviews Dita Von Teese Lady Head Vase.

I’ve often had friend and followers ask about my Dita vases so today I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on them with a close look at the new design. Upon ordering my vase, it arrived in Australia three weeks later which is pretty standard at the moment. When you receive your Dita vase, it’ll come in a really beautifully decorated box labelled with what’s inside. The box is decorated in metallic red and black stripes with a front panned adorned with a ribbon motif, Dita’s logo and a stamp labelling the vase as limited edition. Inside, your vase is very well protected with a styrofoam frame and inside the frame, you’ll find your vase.

The vase itself is fashioned after Dita’s favourite vintage lady head vases and this particular limited-edition ceramic vase features Dita wearing the red rose bonnet from her iconic “Lazy” act, as debuted at The Crazy Horse Paris.  The vase measures 8.5 x 6 inches, it is designed to the same specifications as the original vintage lady vases. This vase is absolutely stunning and the red tones are very rich making it eye-catching on any shelf, vanity or display area. I love the details of the roses, the chin strap and her lashes. Each vase has Dita’s signature fired into the glaze right at the bottom. The vase opening isn’t overly large and I do find that I can’t fit all my makeup brushes inside the vase. In saying that, when I put flowers in the vase, I can get a great display because the flowers can be fanned out without being droopy.

Miss MonMon reviews Dita Von Teese Lady Head Vase.

I often get asked how I use my Dita vases and they actually all have different uses. I do actually use them as a vase to hold flowers both fresh and fake but they also hold makeup brushes, writing instruments and other tools and if you’re extra brave, as a planter (but of course there is no drainage hole). My favourite use of the vase is as an actual flower-holding vase or for my makeup brushes as it looks really beautiful.

The biggest question I get asked about any Dita Lady Head vase is “are they worth it?”. That’s a very difficult question to answer as everyone has different priorities and preferences when it comes to how to spend their own money. These vases bring me joy and compliment my home and surroundings so to me, they are worth it. I use them to store makeup brushes, office stationery, and knitting needles and I also use them as vases. I find them useful, decorative and enjoyable to look at so personally, I do find them worth it but I do understand that they are pricey for what they are; a ceramic vase with not the most amount of room inside. It’s completely your choice if you think the vase is worth it so I cannot answer for you.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.


2 thoughts on “Dita Von Teese Lady Head Vase Review

  1. Jennifer says:

    I sooo want one for the last 3 or 4 years they are soooo pretty every time I see one I want it’s sold out then I keep thinking about the price which I could do for my birthday or Christmas but I forget til it’s too late and they are sold out.Hopefully I can purchase one of her lady head vases in the future.I love lady head vases I have one of my own and my great grandmother’s 2.Loved the article and the pictures.Thank.you.


  2. Jennifer says:

    Have you ever thought about making a video about your Dita Von Teese lady head vases on your YouTube channel I forgot I subscribed a long time ago so I went looking to see if you made one or not.I would love to hear about them where you keep them put in them all the details cost shipping etc like you did on here please thank you.


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