Nail Care – How to keep your claws classy whilst modelling

As important as skincare is for modelling, you can’t forget to look after your fingernails. As lots of models pose with their hands near their face, it is essential to make sure your claws are well looked after.

I remember a two week period where I almost had a shoot everyday. Each shoot was a different theme which meant that I needed to change my nails accordingly. Cleaning and repainting my nails so often really took it’s toll and half way through the second week my nails were brittle, broken and looked really stressed out. Over time, I have figured out how to keep my nails looking strong and healthy no matter how many times I need to change them.


Peel off base coat: this is an absolute life saver. A peel off base coat creates a thin layer between your nail and the polish where you can just use a toothpick or an orange stick and peel off the nail instead of using nail polish remover. I find no matter how gentle a nail polish remover claims to be, constant use still damaged your nails. A peel off base coat is the way to go. You can also wear a coat under stick on nails, as the nails are only needed for a shoot, when you go to take them off, the base coat would have protected your nails underneath.

My favourite: UNT Ready for Takeoff


Nail hardener; between shoots, it’s a good idea to use a good quality nail hardener or nail strengthener. The hardener basically creates a thick layer on your nail that helps prevent breakage and your nails getting damaged. Over time, your nails can repair themselves and certain formulas help your nails become really thick and strong. You can pick one up at your local priceline or chemist.

Final Check; Right before you get into the car to get to your shoot, check your nails. If they are chipped or damaged, either fix it up or clean them and go without. I sometimes paint my nails in the car before I leave, I then turn on my aircon which has vents on either side of the steering wheel. If I point the vents at my hands, my nails dry really quickly in the cold air. Its also worth putting on a good top coat to seal and lock your polish.

My favourite: Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat

Ask what colour; it’s important to ask your creative team what colour they want your nails for a shoot. Don’t show up to a bridal shoot with blue nails and don’t go to a high fashion editorial with your crazy holiday nails. Although your design may be really cute, it’s not appropriate for a shoot so make sure you stick with your shoots theme.

Fake nails; many girls get fake or acrylic nails so they don’t have to worry about repainting them or polish chipping. This is a good idea if you choose a neutral colour but this can get really boring. Also, if you get a last minute photoshoot, you may not have enough time to get your nails filled in or changed. Fake nails are great if you can maintain the upkeep, but this takes a lot of time and money.

Removal; When removing your nail polish, if you used a peel off base coat, all you need to do it get a toothpick and start peeling off your nail polish. If you didn’t use a peel off base coat, use simple nail polish remover. My biggest piece of advice is after using acetone on your nails, remember to hydrate them so they don’t go brittle, dry and break.

My favourite: Simply Pure Hydrating Oil Pen

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