Top 6 Reasons to Shop Vintage

Today’s fashion consumer is bombarded by constantly changing trends, fast fashion and micro-seasons; but the one thing that never goes out of style is good quality vintage. Despite this, people are more likely to shop at fast fashion outlets where most of the clothing will end up at landfill or make thrift stores overflow. Shopping for vintage can be an amazing experience, really rewarding and a bit of a treasure hunt. Here are my top 6 reasons why vintage shopping is unmatched;

Environmentally friendly: According the ABC (Pepper, 2017) Australians buy on average 27 kilograms of new clothing and other textiles each year and most of these are made of synthetic or plastic fibres. This means, that the clothing, once discarded, does not break down and stays in landfill polluting the environment. Although it’s tempting to just buy something brand new, by shopping vintage, consumers heavily reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the demand so much fast fashion. Also, most vintage clothing would have been made with natural fibres meaning it breaksdown easier if disposed of.

The store owners; The owners and workers of Vintage stores often have a huge passion for their stock and are really knowledgeable about what they have available for sale. Vintage storeowners are full of great stories about their pieces, can tell you some of the history of the item and really be an ally when you go shopping. If you get to know the owners and workers, they can start putting things aside for you, let you know when new stock arrives, know your size and style preferences and even offer discounts.

Each piece has a story: Vintage clothing has been around the block a few times and should be treated with respect. As you continue your vintage shopping adventures, you often learn that many pieces have interesting stories attached to them. There is something really whimsical about knowing that the clothing piece you are wearing was loved very much by someone, or worn for a special occasion or even owned by a celebrity. The stories attached to vintage clothing is sometimes worth more than money can buy.

Unique pieces: Unlike today’s fast fashion industry, vintage clothing offers you unique, one of a kind fashion pieces that no one else will have. You can show your individuality and personality through really quirky and fun vintage pieces. There is also a bit of a thrill when you find that one treasure of a vintage piece; it really is like finding gold. I’ve had this experience before and it is so amazing to put on a perfect 1950’s dress that fits you like a dream. So good!

Higher quality: Vintage clothing was made in a time where clothing should last and be easily altered if necessary. Beacause of this, a lot of vintage is still of a high quality today. Although some pieces may have seen better days, if you are handy with a needle and thread, there is nothing stopping you giving your new vintage piece a little attention to reinforce it if needed. I find that a lot of today’s fast fashion isn’t made to last and after a few washes, the colours dull and the seams go; yet my vintage clothing looks pristine and flawless.

Investment: Vintage clothing is an amazing investment. Many vintage hunters are able to turn their hobby into a business by selling amazing vintage pieces. As vintage never goes out of style, no matter how old the item is, there is a high chance you can sell it on unlike a lot of todays clothing. In saying this, if you find vintage at a thrift store, there is a likely chance that it is sold at a really good price. Such finds are always amazing and you can get a new vintage wardrobe for a fraction of the cost if you are patient.


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