Daisy Jean – Product Review

There are so many amazing small businesses in Australia who have a strong passion for beauty, glamour, vintage and pinup. One such company is Daisy Jean Floral Designs. Daisy Jean prides itself on its high quality, customer service and unique items. They sell beautiful accessories including hair flowers, jewelry and brooches; everything a pinup can dream of.


Daisy Jean also has amazing ethics as they locally source around 80% of the materials they use, make everything by hand and support local events and talents. Every year they run a competition to choose their next ‘face’ and the diversity of each winner is truly amazing.

My latest order from Daisy Jean included 4 hair flowers and two brooches. I wish my budget could have stretched a bit more but I was so satisfied with what arrived on my doorstep. Each hair flower was individually wrapped, the brooches came in their own protective boxes and there was a cute hand written note. I love companies that go the extra mile to make me feel like a special customer even though they are probably swamped with orders. Amongst my purchases were new Daisy Jean business cards featuring The Desi Pinup; how great is it to see your friend as the face of a business!

The hair flowers were solid and put together really well. There was no visible glue and the backing included green velvet and a long alligator clip. The clip did not side around in my hair and stayed put. It didn’t pull or drag down my hair style and it felt really secure on my head.

The flowers were of a high quality and look realistic and professionally done. I couldn’t be more happy with the flowers. I chose a mix of colours and flowers to match to outfits for winter. I would love to go back and buy the black roses and perhaps a few more mixed colourings.

One of the two brooches I chose came from the collaboration with Laila The Desi Pinup. The collaboration is a vibant celebration of Laila’s Pakistani heritage pulling out stunning imagery, design and colour. I was drawn to the ‘Nakrizay Brooch‘ (vintage style henna hand) as it was a nod to a Nakrizay brooch but featured a bridal henna design and a jasmine flower. I remember the first time I had henna done on my hand and I felt so special so this brooch was a great reminder of that time. I also absolutely love jasmine flowers (and also jasmine tea!).


One of my favourite parts of this particular brooch was that it came in a possibility of two skin tones. It’s so refreshing to see multiple options for a brooch such as this one as I feel many companies only focus on Caucasian skin and beauty. Special claps for Daisy Jean and The Desi Pinup! If I could get one more brooch from this collection it would be either the ‘I am Malala brooch’ or the ‘Mr Mithoo’.

Purchase from the Desi Pinup collab here.

The second brooch I chose was from the Burlesque collection. I was drawn to the ‘Feather Fan Brooch’ as I have recently signed up for more fan dancing classes. I chose the pink fan as my own feather fans are pink and I loved hoe personal it felt. The brooch had a beautiful combination of shimmery and pink glitter resin. It’s an absolutely gorgeous brooch and I really want to purchase the other colours in the feather fan series. It’s something that fuels my passion for dancing and of course burlesque.

Overall, the brooches were very solid and made up of multiple layers of high quality resin/acrylic. They had a good weight to them and the pins on the back were of high quality. I especially loved the brand logo on the back as it made the piece feel like it was part of a special brand. I would highly recommend Daisy Jean brooches to anyone looking into getting some quirky jewelry or perhaps hunting something special and unique. I know that Daisy Jean offer custom made brooches but I have not tried this service myself. Perhaps I should?

For the quality, customer service and packaging; I will definitely be purchasing from Daisy Jean again. Im hoping in the future I can write more on individual items but for now I love my order and have really enjoying wearing it out.



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