Miss Weekend on Wheels Pinup Competition

It feels about time to start writing about pinup pageants and competitions; Im not a veteran nor do I have 100 titles but pageants are something that I’ve started getting into and I find them a lot of fun. Although I plan to write about them generally, I thought it might be nice to reflect on my most recent pageant. Last month I was one of the lucky few entrants into the 2018 Miss Weekend on Wheels Pinup Competition in Taree and it was a fabulous event.


I drove to Taree from Sydney with my dad as we both needed a sea change for the weekend and I was in Sydney for work anyways. The drive was really stunning as the land scape changed effortlessly as though someone had quilted the terrain and wanted to share many different colours and textures. We booked into a local hotel and I started my evening pre-pageant prep.

Miss Weekend on Wheels was divided into two main sections; Garage Pinup and Pinup Daywear. Each section had a small interview and the garage section had a fun car part quiz (this was the part I was most nervous about). I had my two outfits planned out and I woke up really excited as well as a bit nervous. I threw my hair up into a poodle, put on my makeup and my first outfit. I made sure my props and second outfit were all packed and we left for the event. Miss Weekend on Wheels was in conjunction with the Taree Rescue Squad annual fundraiser Weekend on Wheels which draws a huge crowd and is full of live entertainment, fun, vintage car show, food and the pinup pageant.

For my first outfit, I wore a pair of dungarees, a vintage plaid shirt and a few accessories I made from various bits and pieces I found at my local Bunnings. My hair was in a poodle with a scarf hiding the back. My favourite part of this outfit was definitely a giant glitter wrench prop I made with my dad. We used an old piece of wood that came off a pallet where we sketched a wrench onto. Once we were happy with the size, we cut it out and smoothed out the edges. I then spray painted it with to coats of silver paint and then two layers of PVA glue and silver glitter. I used 3 coats of glitter sealer to stop the glitter shedding everywhere. To be honest, it spread everywhere anyway. It didn’t help that my cat decided to roll around in a huge pile of glitter and then run through the house like a mad woman. Thanks cat. Glitter everywhere.


As for my second outfit, I was inspired by photos of girls from the 1950’s attending Easter parades. I loved the yellow tones in the clothing with fresh flowers being used as accessories especially daffodils. I started scouring the internet looking for something but the only thing I found was a skirt way above budget. I turned to my wardrobe to see if I had something I had overlooked and sure enough, I found a vintage prom dress reproduction in a light yellow fabric with white spots. Perfect! I paired it with a white vintage hat I bought at a garage sale and then bought some fake daffodils. I turned them into a corsage and hair accessories. I brushed my hair out, fixed up my petticoat and I was ready.


I had a basic routine planned in my head but what I really wanted to do was to have fun. I love the minute or so I have in front of the audience I have to entertain and engage with them. It gives me a chance to make them laugh and tell them a story. I did just that, and oh boy was it fun to pull silly faces and be cute! During the interview sections I just pretended the audience wasn’t there. I get really nervous having to speak in public so I just kept telling myself that I am having a conversation with Miss Dale and we are good friends (which we are now). I talked about what my dream car is, a 1061 chevy pickup truck (in yellow) and I guessed my mystery car part correct, it was a fuel filter. I also enjoyed talking about my biggest pinup influences; my mum and grandmother as they are some of my biggest influences as well as my queen Miss Dita Von Teese.

The highlight of my day was getting to meet all the fabulous entrants for Miss Weekend on Wheels. It’s always really nerve wracking before a pageant or competition but it’s so much more so when you don’t know anyone. Being an outsider is difficult as it’s normal for people to stick to their clicks and friendship groups, but these girls were absolute darlings. They were all offering each other help, straightening seams, fixing petticoats, doing up zips and lending bobby pins. I didn’t feel any malice at all; just pure love and support. It was truely wonderful to be a part of such a great group of finalists. Another great factor in the day was that many of the girls will be in this years Pinup Doll Australia so when I travel for the competition towards the end of the year I’ll already know some of the girls. Ugh so happy!


I felt so sorry for the judges of Miss Weekend on Wheels as the competition was so tough! All the girls were fierce, fabulous and simply stunning. When it came to announcing the winners, I had at least 5 girls who I thought were going to be given the winning title. It is now I would like to say congratulations to runner up Miss Kiss Kiss Bang! I don’t know how it happened or what I did, but I somehow managed to grab the winning title and the honour that came with it. I was in absolute shock when they called my name I stood still for several seconds before I could react. Even when I was having the crown placed on my head I had to ask Miss GiGi-Anne if they were certain I won!

As the current Miss Weekend on Wheels I would like to thank the following sponsors and organisers:

Velvet-Rose’s Pinup Dressing Room
Pin Up Girl Garage
Mr Noel MacMillan
Capture Imaging Photography
Kate Maree Photography
Viva La Vintage Photography

Pear Davies Vintage and Pinup Photography – Australia.                                                                                 
Miss Dale Velvet Rose for being a wonderful MC and host
Mr Noel for his photography and video skills
Miss Memphis, Miss Dee and Miss Gigi-Anne for being amazing judges.
The Taree Rescue Squad

I am so humbled and honoured to be awarded the title of Miss Weekend on Wheels 2018. I promise to honour this title and do good with it. Thank you for the fabulous day, the new friends, my amazing crown and sash and some precious memories. See you all next year!

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