That’s a Wrap – Feather and Sage Boudoir

When I was first asked to collaborate with Miss Lady Lace, Miss Veronica Lily, Miss Lillian Rose and Feather and Sage Photography for a boudoir shoot, I was really excited, until my own self doubt swept over me. As a model, you often do shoots with other models and you quickly learn how to hold strong poses so you don’t fade into the background. For me, its challenging to pose strong whilst also trying to not feel self conscious. Due to illness, my body has gone through some pretty dramatic changes and I have learnt to cover up my problem areas during photoshoots; it becomes more of a challenge when you’re only wearing lingerie.


Miss Lillian Rose, Miss Veronica Lily, Miss Lady Lace and Miss MonMon by Feather and Sage Photography

Compared to the other models at this shoot, I was the largest so I was a bit self conscious before the shoot started. It look a small pep talk in the car as I drove to the shoot to not let my insecurities get in the way. We all decided to go for soft pink tones, bright crisp makeup and dreamy lighting. We found inspiration from old vintage catalogues and pinup boudoir photos.

To get ready for the shoot; I was gifted the Heidi Blush lingerie set from Honey Birdette by a friend and I loved the soft pink colour of the fabric. I was worried that the bra and panties would be too see-through so I ran to spotlight and bought lining in the same colour which I sewed onto the bra and panties to create a modesty layer. When I tried on the set after sewing I was happy it covered me up and looked well done. To go with the set, I had a few robes, a petticoat and a DIY pair of vintage mule slippers. I felt pretty cute and I loved the colours. On the day of the shoot, we all went for soft pinks, peaches, reds and whites which made up all look cohesive and super adorable.


Miss MonMon by Feather and Sage Photography

Kelley, the amazing photographer from Feather and Sage, owns a light filled vintage studio located at the Bon Marche Arcade in the heart of Perth City. Her studio is very bright, open and decked out with a large boudoir bed, fireplace and now a flower hoop swing (which we were allowed to shoot in!). Kelley is a wonder person who made us all feel very comfortable and relaxed. We started out doing some group shots and then individual images. We chose to all wear petticoats for our group shots and then only changed either a robe or a few colours for our individual shots.

I really enjoyed the shoot despite how jet lagged and tired I was. The one thing that I found a bit upsetting was I took some strong pain killers for my migraine which gives me the shakes. When I was trying to balance on the flower swing, I couldn’t stay still! I kept falling off and couldn’t hold my core and stay levelled because of the shakes. It was quite frustrating as in modelling, you only get once chance to get the photo just right. I don’t know when I will shoot in a floral swing ever again. It’s one of those things where you need to just try your best no matter how frustrated you are at yourself.


Miss MonMon wearing Honey Birdette, Vintage robe and earrings. 

I noticed as the shoot went on, I felt more and more comfortable being in front of the camera even in just lingerie. If you’re ever shooting with other models and feel self conscious, it’s important to remember that you are an equal part of the image. No matter your size or what you look like, you were asked to be apart of the shoot for a reason. I was very lucky to be a part of a group that was very supportive and helpful. Everyone was happy to help fasten stockings, clean small spots off fabric and swap a few pieces of jewellery or a robe. I felt right at home a few minutes into the shoot; it’s amazing how just by having a supportive group of strong women can lift you up. So for that, I say thank you to my fellow pinups.

As for myself; I need to learn to stop comparing myself to other models because we are all different, and thats a good thing. Different sizes, shapes and colours are all positive things especially when it comes to being a pinup model. There isn’t one single idea of what a pinup model should be and how she should look. It adds to the reason why I love my community; we celebrate our differences and pull each other up.


Miss MonMon on the Flower Ring Swing from Feather and Sage

This boudoir shoot helped me realise that our differences are our uniting factor; our differences add to our strengths and we all have the ability to stand up and be a part of something. Boudoir shoots can make you feel very vulnerable but you are always in control of your image. It’s your choice how to pose and look at the camera; you have the power to control your space and feel empowered. Feather and Sage reminded me that I am a strong person and a part of a community that cares about me.


Miss MonMon Boudoir

Thank you to my fellow models; you can find their creative links and linking blog posts here:

Miss Lady Lace

Miss Veronica Lily

Miss Lillian Rose

Feather and Sage Photography  I highly recommend shooting with Kelley. Her photography has the ability to make women feel strong and empowered. The cleanliness of her images makes the subject the main focus


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