That’s a Wrap – Sherbet Birdie Photography

Pinup photography is an art form; attention to detail, colours and of course hair, makeup and styling can all make or break a pinup photo. It’s not just about standing in front of a plain background and pulling a silly face with some red lipstick, oh no it’s so much more than that! Here in Australia, we have a few standout photographers who specialize in vintage pinup photography, and one of the top companies is without question, Sherbet Birdie Photography in Sydney.

Run by Sasha, camera wizard and all-around sweetheart, Sherbet Birdie goes above and beyond to make sure that all clients, and a few famous faces too, all look and feel their absolute best during and after their photography sessions. I had been wanting to shoot with Sasha for what feels like my entire life and when I had to go to Sydney for work I made sure to collaborate with her and oh my goodness she could squeeze me in! I did a happy dance in front of my laptop once the shoot was confirmed.

Now I’ve done a lot of shoots, hundreds in fact, but it felt strange to do one just for myself. I got lost finding the studio (because I don’t know my left from my right) but I felt so calm as soon as I walked in and met everyone. As a counsellor in the real world, we create spaces that are open, positive and comforting; I felt the same about Sasha’s studio and almost instantly we started talking about life, love, and other disasters. It struck me that even Sasha mentioned that many women who come to her studio, sit in the hair and makeup chair and open up about struggles. Certain cultures believe that to have your photograph taken meant that a part of your soul was taken away. But here, it felt like the soul could be put back together over false eyelashes and some delicious tea. The Sherbet Birdie experience was pure luxury and glamour from start to finish; everything from dainty macarons with little golden stars, lavender water, and creme brûlée tea served in beautiful cups. It’s such a fabulous escape from life and a time to do some self-care.

Marija is the magician behind the hair and makeup. We bonded over crazy family traditions and a love of perfect pinup hair. Marija was so meticulous in her hair styling that once it was all done, not a single hair was out of place. I sure wish I had that kind of patience. As for my makeup, well, I don’t remember the last time I felt so beautiful. My eyeliner was straight, my highlighter was popping and my lips were red, glossy and luscious. This girl needs to be acknowledged by the queen because her skills are out of this world. When you book your shoot with Sherbet Birdie, it’s nice knowing that even if you walk in looking like that one female gremlin on a good day, by the time you are in front of the camera, you look and feel like a goddess.

I decided on a Rhinestone Cowgirl theme for my shoot as it’s something I had never done and it’s a unique concept that can’t be done elsewhere. It was such a great decision because oh my goodness, I had way too much fun with the props and set. Don’t ever give me toy guns, toy horses or a large glittery cactus! One of the greatest things about Sherbet Birdie Photography is that each shoot is styled to absolute perfection. Each prop is designed especially for the studio and each theme has several styles and backgrounds to make a series of photos. Sasha is an absolute camera wizard; her photography really is an art form and I had to keep pinching myself (or accidentally hitting myself over the head with the fake gun) to remind myself how lucky I was to be there.

Long story short, I LOVED the images. I had heaps of fun taking them, I loved Sasha and Marija to bits by the end of the day and I couldn’t wait to share them. Sherbet Birdie has posted a cute little Instagram story from our shoot if you want to check it out. I felt so empowered when I left the studio; I can’t wait to be back soon!



Miss MonMon with Sherbet Birdie Photography


Miss MonMon with Sherbet Birdie Photography


Miss MonMon with Sherbet Birdie Photography


Miss MonMon with Sherbet Birdie Photography


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