Louella DeVille Summer Collection Review

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to hit the beach and enjoy the sunshine. But the arrival of summer also means that the new Louella DeVille Summer collection is about to drop! Are you ready to be covered in beauty head to toe? This summer, Louella Deville was inspired by the ocean and combined that with the fabulous Bettie Skirt and Peasant top in a luxurious lobster print. It’s giving me some serious chips and vinegar on the pier vibes and I can’t wait to enjoy it all summer long.


Miss MonMon wearing Louella DeVille Summer Collection 

Lobster Peasant Top

This top is your classic peasant blouse design with an elasticated neckline and arm holes meaning it can be worn both on and off the shoulder. The top can be easily pulled over your head and there is no zip of fastening to adhere. Instead, the top has elastic gathering all up the back to ensure it has a snug and slenderizing fit. The top is also quite long meaning that it can easily be tucked into any bottom coverings and it won’t cause awkward gathering around your waist. I loved pairing the top with Louella’s capri pants or the matching Lobster skirt.


Miss MonMon wearing Louella DeVille Summer Collection 


Miss MonMon wearing Louella DeVille Summer Collection 

Lobster Bettie Skirt

The Bettie Skirt is quickly becoming my favourite pinup skirt of all time. The waistband is super comfortable, the gathers make the skirt really full even without a petticoat and of course, pockets! The Bettie skirt has a zip closure on the back which makes it really comfortable and breezy to wear. Because of the high-quality fabric used, I find that even on a really warm day, I don’t feel sticky, itchy or sweaty under the skirt and my skin can breathe. The skirt length is really flattering and helps you achieve that perfect pinup silhouette.

Together these items create a gorgeous ‘dress’ and whilst wearing it I had a lot of people compliment me only to be shocked that my outfit consisted of separated. With the colour palette of the outfit, you could wear a red, white or black belt to cinch in your waist if you desire. This colour palette can also be utilized when adding different separates. I also think a cute pair of denim bottoms would work to give the look a more casual feel. I have also paired the Lobster peasant top with Louelle DeVille Red Capri pants and it looked really cute and a bit more casual. I can imagine it being the perfect outfit for a beach party or a summertime barbeque.



Miss MonMon wearing Louella DeVille Summer Collection 


As for accessories, there are heaps of lobster themed items around the pinup sphere but I went for a more simple approach to let the patter speak for itself. I paired my outfit with Louella white stud earrings and hair flower in contrasting colours. Have fun with your accessories!

Enjoy your summer wardrobe by adding these fabulous separates for Louella DeVille!


Bettie Skirt – Lobster Print

Peasant Blouse – Lobster Print

Louella DeVille White Belt 

Louella Deville White Stud Earrings

Louella DeVille Hair Flower 

Shop here: https://www.louelladeville.com.au

In A Pinch



Miss MonMon wearing Louella DeVille Summer Collection 


Why don’t lobsters share?… They’re shellfish! Haha

…I’m sorry :/

Photos by Hot Pixel

2 thoughts on “Louella DeVille Summer Collection Review

  1. Ms. Kitsch says:

    Ooh! I really love the lobster print top and skirt! Reminds me of Schiaparelli’s famous lobster dress!

    Also, as a lover of cheesy jokes, your joke at the end made me giggle and was a great start to my day, so thank you for including it! 🙂


    • missmonmon says:

      Oh Im so glad my post made your day. My cheesy jokes just make my partner roll his eyes but I see a smile haha! I didn’t think of the lobster dress! So true! Lobsters are amazing, they make me think of the tv show Friends.


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