Daisy Jean Alice in Wonderland Collection


As some of you know, I have recently become the Australian face for Daisy Jean Floral for 2020. It’s such an exciting venture but also a very scary one. As one of my yearly resolutions, I am trying to be kinder to myself and stop putting myself down even as a joke, so to have such an amazing company such as Daisy Jean tell me I’m great, it’s taking a while for me to really learn and accept that. Without going on a tangent about all this, which I might save for its own blog, let’s get back to the topic at hand, Daisy Jean Floral.
Daisy Jean Floral is an Australian company which creates unique and beautiful resin jewelry and are particularly well known for their brooches. Their designs are individual, stunning and have so much work and thought put into them that each item becomes its own piece of wearable art. I have accumulated quite the collection of their items over the years, As their Australian face, I get to have sneaky peaks into their future collections, design my own piece (oh my gosh so many ideas!) and help model their items. Late last month, I was whisked away on a very secret glamour mission to Sydney to shoot their amazing Alice in Wonderland collection. Oh my goodness, let me share it with you right now!
Now I am a massive Alice in Wonderland fanatic. It was actually the first novel I read and even though I was only in the second grade, my favourite teacher of all time, Mrs Price, helped me with all the big words and encouraged me to complete it. From that first reading, I realized just how wonderful and magical books can be and I loved the idea of going off on adventures whilst snuggled up in a comfy chair. From then on, I have multiple Alice in Wonderland items throughout my house, in my wardrobe and have even had two birthday parties Wonderland themed the grandest being my 21st. I have done shoots dressed as Alice and have even gone on to get my English Literature degree with one of my specialty fields being Victorian literature and yes, my final essay was written about Alice’s adventures. Yep, just a bit of a fan …. *sips from my Alice in Wonderland mug with tea poured from my Alice in Wonderland teapot* … just a bit.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Floral Alice in Wonderland collection


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Floral Alice in Wonderland collection


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Floral Alice in Wonderland collection

When you love something so much, there’s always the fear that someone may ruin it with their interpretation so I have seen items with Alice on them and have been really put off with the depiction. As soon as Daisy Jean told me they were creating an Alice collection, I knew they would do it justice and boy oh boy did they! The collection features 9 items (7 brooches, 1 pair of earrings and 1 necklace) all depicting different characters from Wonderland, each uniquely styled and made with stunning high-quality resin. The resin in this collection, oh my goodness, is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen resin that looks like a real galaxy (Absolem the Caterpillar) or iridescent resin which sparkles (Drink Me Bottle). Each item is a wonder to behold and a joy to wear. The faces of the characters are super expressive and each one seems to have a unique personality and feel to it. I’m a particular fan of the White rabbit with his beautiful clock and frilly cravat, and the Cheshire cat with his cheesy grin and a sparkly, glittery resin body.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Floral Alice in Wonderland collection


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Floral Alice in Wonderland collection


For the collection, we worked with the amazing Sherbet Birdie Photography which is always an absolute pleasure and honor. Sasha is an amazing camera wizard and Marija has impeccable makeup and hai styling skills. Together, they are magic and I don’t think they could take a bad photo. I got really excited during the planning stage when they asked how I would style and decorate the set for the shoot and low and behold, all my ideas just came to life thanks to our wonderful team. I was a particular fan of the long tea party table complete with tea cups, cakes, ribbon and mice, and the card set which included the world’s largest playing cards! The shoot was absolutely a wonderful and uplifting experience; I felt we all really worked well together and there was lots of laughter throughout the day. I cannot wait to share the collection with you.
For those interested, I was self-styled and wore my light blue cotton day dress with white embroidery on the front and back bodice, my vintage white half apron, some knee-high socks, and my patent black heels. All jewelry supplied by Daisy Jean of course.


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Floral Alice in Wonderland collection


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Floral Alice in Wonderland collection


Miss MonMon wearing Daisy Jean Floral Alice in Wonderland collection

I am so proud of these images and can’t wait to share them with you both here and on my social media over the next little while. The entire experience was so empowering and I came home excited to plan and construct something amazing for the future. The collection really does do Lewis Carroll and all Alice fans justice ad honor. I recommend checking out Daisy Jean on Instagram and Facebook to see closeups of the items as the resin used really is perfection and something totally original. Of course, if Alice in Wonderland isn’t your thing, Daisy Jean has an amazing selection of brooches and jewelry to suit all tastes, styles, and budgets. They really do think outside the box and create some beautiful pieces.

If you’d like to shop the collection, please go here.
If you’d like to shoot with Sherbet Birdie, please go here.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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