Baking a Vintage Easter Lamb Cake that went Horribly Wrong

Last year I made a vintage lamb cake for Easter and I was so proud of how it turned out. This year, I was even more excited to make another one and after reading one of my favourite children’s book to my niece and nephew, ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’, I thought I’d make a cake inspired by the beloved story. Sometimes when we set out with an amazing idea, it doesn’t always work out. Even though I wasn’t going to share this year’s baking project, it was too heartbreaking and disastrous not to. This is the story, of the failed vintage lamb cake that’s bound to put a smile on your face.

Like all epic adventures, the beginning of the journey went pretty smoothly. I used the same recipe as last year but this time added some pandan flavour to the mixture. I buttered my lamb tin really well and poured the mixture into the tin and added some bamboo skewers to become supporting structure dowels for extra strength.

After much research last year, I remembered to put my lamb tin into the oven with something heavy to hold it down so the cake didn’t burst forth from the lamb-like an alien baby. I also wrapped the lamb’s ears with extra aluminium foil so it’s ears don’t burn.
She was removed from the oven and released from the tin with no problems. I allowed her to cool and then I began decorating. Going with a similar design style to last year, I began by pouring a few coats of glaze (letting it fully dry between coats) over her face so I had a smooth surface to work with. I then very slowly began piping green frosting in small circles all around her body and face. She looked adorable so far and I wish I had a photo at this stage but I was in the zone.
Then, tragedy struck.

Oh how the mighty fall.

I opened up my ‘party’ drawer looking for some extra decorations and as soon as I took my eyes off her … she fell.
She fell face down onto the floor taking my one and only cake stand with her which broke into several pieces. Yep, as soon as I finally buy myself a cake stand which I’ve wanted for years, it immediately gets taken down in the prime of her life by a top-heavy green lamb cake.

Green frosting got everywhere (I mean it gave me a chance to finally clean out the party drawer which I had been wanting to do for weeks) but I salvaged what I could. Upon closer inspection, I realised that as the cake stand broke, shards of ceramic embedded themselves into my cake and I could no longer serve it as I’d risk someone biting into a chunk of the cake stand. Oh, and the fact that it fell on the floor also meant that the cake was doomed for the chicken food pile.

But you know what? I was determined to finish decorating, even though I would not serve her. I wasn’t done with her … but she was done with me.

Ok so it’s not that bad. We lost some frosting and there’s a big smash on her face but we can still come back from this right?

I think not. According to my cake, this was the perfect time to lose one’s head. You can also see a thumbprint on the back of her neck from me originally trying to save her. She was doomed.

To reattach her head, I inserted more bamboo skewers into the top of her head all the way down her neck into her body. It was at this point I realised just how much of a trainwreck this cake was which made it funnier as I went along. At this stage, an ear fell off so it was reattached with more frosting.

Oh, you betcha I kept decorating! She’s a diva and beautiful on the inside!

So that was the epic story of my vintage Easter lamb cake for 2021. What was the fate of my cake you ask? Well, she was eventually dumped into a bowl and she became chicken food the next day. Unfortunately, I no longer have the video of my chickens devouring my lamb cake but just know that they thought she was delicious.
I should note as I was putting her into the bowl, I made sure to remove as much ceramic as possible as to not harm my chickens. They are fine and happy. Unlike my cake.

Next year I think I’ll give my lamb cake another go and perhaps go for a chocolate cake with white icing (because the sheep with dark heads are super cute!). Hopefully 2022 will be a lot smoother than this year so make sure to check back to see how it all goes.
Wishing you all a lovely Easter in this crazy time in history. Stay safe and tell those you love how much they mean to you.

As I always get asked where I bought my lamb tin, this is the tin I have and it’s wonderful despite the lamb’s face.


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